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Need a new body? Recently opened and expansive Studio Anya is a one-stop shop for all neo-yogic needs. Owner Courtney Bauer created a playground-like environment that encourages mind/body learning — group and individual Pilates and yoga classes, Thai bodywork, neuromuscular therapy, and meditation.
Daily Candy
An incredible resource for NYC. Not only are there amazing classes, the space itself is an oasis in the middle of the city. Applied Neo-Yogic Awareness (ANYA) offers some of the most innovative programming in the city – all housed in this super-chilled beautiful and welcoming space.
Accommodating and very helpful! I am not a yogi and actually have never been a big yoga person but felt totally at ease at Studio Anya. Everyone is very helpful and accommodating, the instructors are knowledgeable, and the space is very welcoming. Great studio!
Christina R., Yelp
With a yoga studio on every block in New York these days…Anya stands out from the crowd. In larger studios I felt like I was doing yoga in the subway, mushed between other sweaty bodies taught by teachers who were clueless re: alignment and injury prevention (but they knew their Sanskrit). Not so at Anya. Could it be the Pilates influence? Maybe. Full disclosure: I am a Pilates teacher…
Nancy R., Yelp
All in all, I left the studio feeling curious about how many muffins I ate, rejuvenated and a bit more introspective which was exactly what i was looking for. I’m usually the in-and-out type, but I lingered in this studio for a while and would definitely go back for a class or when I’m feeling like I need a little “me” time.
Rate Your Burn,
Many years ago I was a devotee of Courtney’s Equinox classes in Darien, CT. When I recently found out she’d set up camp in her own Manhattan studio I was so thrilled!  Studio Anya is truly an experience onto its own.  For the cerebral, it’s paradise. For the vanity driven – welcome to NIRVANA. Her method works. It’s not my neighborhood but I make the pilgrimage because I think it’s that good.
Jen S., Yelp