Gina Flores of Essential Body Wisdom created 19 unique essential oil blends exclusively for Studio Anya!  Natural, organic (or wild-crafted) and GC/MS tested, these aromas are based on Curriculum AUM’s 19 Atmatypes, also known as Faculties.

Atmatype is a hybrid word combining “Atma” Hindu for soul with “archetypes” Jungian psychology for aspects of the subconscious personality, which are universally understood. Each atmatype possesses main themes that enable us to actualize potential for growth within that specific character sketch.

All AUM Aroma blends are 100 % natural, handcrafted, small batch creations, in a portable design to use anywhere, anytime. Formulated, by Gina herself, with love and respect for the WISDOM in the Essential Oils and YOU!

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