July is about liberating the heart. There’s a massive opportunity to remove obstacles from your path and surge ahead with greater passion and purpose. In order to receive the benefits from this blueprint, you must show up to do your work. The crux of this work revolves around opening to gratitude and letting go of resentment in order to shift from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance.

According to Anya Numerology, we’re currently in the year of the Enlightened with strong undercurrent themes of the Shaman.

The Shaman partners with the Enlightened in order to assist with the massive shifts underway this year. A series of alchemical transactions are making major waves in everyday life- triggering deeply seated impediments to rise to the surface to be seen and transformed. The evolutionary pulse is towards dissolution — the lightening up heaviness of all kinds – thoughts, emotions, pain, stress, creative stagnancy — essentially, any form of suffering. This sounds amazing, right? We are at a turning point in humankind – the possibility of profound personal and global healing. To get there we must release our grievances into the hands of a higher power. The lessons will involve letting go of tension and learning how to hold space. Historically, this process of surrender cuts to the core, we struggle against the truth and obstruct our own liberation potential. That is why it’s often “the best of times and the worst of times” and volatility permeates the healing process.

This July will be hot. Friction is everywhere and life situations are at boiling points. Luckily, your inner Practitioner will keep things steady by coming to center stage to attend to practical matters. What that means is that the “doer” in you will stay busy, warding off the crash and burn cycle and regulating gratuitous soul searching. As you go about your daily routines, there will be an edge to it because the Warrior is also a main character in July.

In an ideal sense, the Practitioner/Warrior energy in July means that you will actively clarify your personal life in really brave and bold ways. In your outer story that could involve cleaning out your closet, renovating your home, moving, break up or changing your job or career path to changing your hairstyle — and no matter what that is, it will feel very intense. Almost like you are over-reacting to the situation — overly emotional or dramatic, this is because the event is triggering deeper issues that resonate with cleaning out and moving on. As you do your 9 to 5 work, you will also be working through old stuff by standing up for what’s right for you and becoming more assertive in your daily choices.

In July, you have an opportunity to liberate your heart.  This whole year has been really pushing you to a point of exhaustion. Your old habits are not working anymore and there’s an undeniable surge toward evolution and change. Old stuff wants to be brought to the light  — to be enlightened. It’s a chapter in the rumi quote — The wound is where the light enters — and when that light enters we have the potential to release our troubles for good. But the exodus is very challenging. It’s tough to let go of old stuff, pain — our lingering and pervasive issues.

Time is a major factor in this. In July, time will feel both blurry and concrete. Blurry because of the Shaman and Enlightened — for the Shaman — time is a vortex and for the Enlightened it’s a sacred concept. Concrete because of the Practitioner and the Warrior — for the Practitioner — time is a major factor and for the Warrior it’s a driving impetus. The Practitioner and the Warrior are goal oriented and driven by success/fail while the Shaman and the Enlightened are process oriented and driven by light/shadow. The ultimate challenge of July is to try to create movement between the different types of extremes in order to honor a more balanced perspective. It is a time of action, yes, but that action is best motivated by surrender. It’s a time of movement, yes, but as Lao Tzu said — action is born of stillness.

You must make a conscious decision to allow this wave of transformation to move through your bones. It will not just happen. Your Practitioner needs to get busy with the “inner” work. This month, the doing is about being. Being consciousness is entirely vast, you can feel that any time you tune into your breath. Within each of us is the potential for all things — a spirit of timelessness that defies definition. Get busy celebrating how magical that is — you are! You will need to fill up on light because the work of July digs deep into the entrails of our holding patterns.

One stumbling block, more like a massive concrete boulder to surrender and healing is our addiction for resentment. Resentment is an insidious obstacle that creates physical and psychic residue throughout our cells and overtime becomes a straight jacket. Our flesh literally hardens and we forget how to forgive. It becomes a physiological problem and a perceptual lens through which we view all the details of life. Resentment steals joy and suffocates potential. This is not to say that we must accelerate forgiveness beyond our readiness or artificially let go of old hurts or stop the crusade but it does mean that we need to create outlets for those emotions that harden us and cause us to feel deficient of love, joy and peace. Deep seated issues, the kind that July is surely to trigger — are guarded by some combination of blame and shame. Blame and Shame breed resentment and work like an emotional cancer. Resentment infers that people, places and things — owe you. It runs off of an “i got duped” attitude — which is a diminished sense of worth and a departure from our true nature — one of abundance and prosperity.  Every time we operate from a place of resentment we re-injure the original hurt, narrow our pathways for joy and rest into the hands of a false guard that comes at a very high cost.

Resentment leads to tunnel vision. If we can rid ourselves of the resentment than that tunnel vision will be uplifted to become single point focus and our connection to intuition will grow. As will our threshold for tolerance and compassion. Resentment is based on the notion that the world owes us and therefore we are operating at a deficit. Our energy exudes a scent of scarcity, regardless of our bank account. Whatever scent we emit into the world has a magnetic quality to it and we attract more of that into our lives. Scarcity begets scarcity and the cast of characters that feed off of that weakness. We then fulfill our own prophecy again and again because we attract more outer stories in our life that reflect our inner belief system.  Until we can release our commitment to this ingrained pattern by acknowledging that we are emitting a scarcity scent the cycle will continue.

There’s hope! If we learn how to clean out our resentment than we’ll leverage far greater energy within ourselves and magnetize better things into our lives. To get the most out of July and reap the benefits of the year of the enlightened, start tuning in to your body for indicators about what’s going in your emotional life, and, in your heart. Remember this month is about clearing away the obstacles in your belief system that cause you chronic pain in your daily life. Get started by simply being more present — zoom in to moments, when you feel disappointment. Label these moments in your mind while they are happening. Aha, “disappointment” — you are not trying to judge or catch yourself having a moment, but rather showing up on the sideline to observe the reality of your thoughts with as much kindness as you can possibly muster.

Why focus on disappointment? Because noticing moments of disappointment will accelerate access into deeply rooted feelings of resentment that take up space in your body. Disappointment is a natural and common occurrence that touches the surface and stirs the depths.

The point is access. If we cannot get to the places inside ourselves that are the real decision makers than we can not start the negotiation process. Resentment is a powerful force of energy that keeps us from surrendering and healing. Disappointment moments allows your inner warrior to blaze a trail to the areas inside that have shut out light and clamped down, walled off and operate from a deficiency. Once we can access these places, we can start a dialogue and ultimately, champion the return of love.

This sounds very esoteric, and it is, but it’s also very physical. The prime negotiator will be your breath and how you feel your breath in your  body as directed by your intention — inspired by a combination of your intellect and your imagination. Return the breath to the disenfranchised places inside you — do this each time you feel disappointment. Pause each time you feel disappointment, and go deeper into that feeling, ask yourself when have I ever felt this feeling before, allow your memory album to give you reminders — watch for tension to build up in your body, that will signal where you need to lay your hands or more importantly where to focus your breathing. If you do this will diligence, like a devoted practitioner — you will earn epiphanies — portals of transformation on an eternal level. It’s the year of the enlightened so this is nearly a guarantee, but you must earn the insights by doing your work. Expect simple aha moments to crystallize but be open to how they manifest. IE: they may occur in dreams so you might not fully remember them. It’s a time of trust in yourself and your Creator (however you define that). Transformation may make you momentarily dizzy, sleepy or even sick but when you cross over you will wake up feeling hung over but also inexplicably lighter.

What transforms resentment? Gratitude. Why be more grateful? Because you will move from a scarcity scent into a prosperity scent. Prosperity is the workhorse of Love. You will attract more love and less pain and suffering.

Gratitude unlocks a more loving way of seeing people, places and things. We will be able to appreciate that people have many sides and allow ourselves to be hurt or disappointed but at the same time feel loved and love back. We become more receptive to our personal lessons and stop blaming ourselves and others for the past. In order to get what we want we must clearly define what we need. The ultimate goal: Cultivate trust in the flow of life so that your sense of “timing” becomes an ally in your growth process.