If July was hot and hazy, August will begin ablaze and end with a lot of smoke. Things are burning up. It’s a time of alchemy- the transmutation of base metal into gold through heat- and we’re still moulting in preparation for new growth. August could be misunderstood as dark, and it is, but in the same way that it’s darkest before the dawn. Your goal: welcome authenticity, commit to actualizing your greatest visions. July marked the last stage of a year long wringing out process which accelerated well beyond our comfort zones at the start of this year.


Ironically, given all the heat and the emotional exhaustion, August- is actually about transitioning to calm and the cooler side of passion. Consider it the shivasana before the manifest slated for September.


Working in the year of the Enlightened with the Shaman as the main character,  it’s no wonder things are on fire, it’s all part of the illumination. Sometimes you are unsure if you are dreaming or awake! Don’t be afraid of the psychedelic echo hovering behind your eyes – it’s a sign of your creativity coming alive. In August your artist takes the lead with your seeker in tow. Thankfully, this will lighten the load and bring a sparkle back to your wide-eyed blur. Prepare for unplanned surges of pure wanderlust, star gazing and a desire to explore the horizon, create and seek beauty – the perfect reprieve and needed surrender from the practitioner and warrior energy of July.


Don’t be surprised if you feel unusually tired, wobbly and slightly disoriented, maybe somewhat alien. We have not fully crossed over yet and remain in a massive liminal phase. What this means is that you are not out of “psychic surgery” – stay grounded. Consider August your recovery phase. many of your dominant traits are being purposefully suspended while your homeostatic set point recalibrates. This feels frustrating because it slows you down. This is on purpose. The best thing you can do for now is relax, take care of yourself, rest and trust that you have done your best. Use your time to get clear on what you want.Take your healing seriously but stay as light as possible.


We are being strongly encouraged to evolve into a higher expression of our eternal soul and life purpose. In order to access this “upgrade” our false sense of things have been exposed, over the last year, this has felt like a pressure cooker. In one way or another we have been coaxed, urged or even been forced to release our grip on many of our false notions.  It’s felt like a series of bad spills — like the rug is pulled out from underneath you again and again. At points things have gotten so bad that it has almost been comical- Shakespearean level tragicomedy. We are not entirely through the woods on this but we have come along way! That’s something to celebrate! There’s been collateral damage but now is the time to start to mend those process wounds and make sure they don’t accumulate and make any more scar tissue.


As you awaken from what might have felt like a bit of nightmare, the smoke and mirrors fade and what remains may be startling to you but you’re not as untethered as you think. Even though you feel empty, try to auger in. Anchor into your body if only to surrender to your exhaustion and bow to the sacredness of your existence and all that you have endured. These past months may have been rough on you. It’s been part of a massive cleaning out process that is underway in the world. The goal is purification. Peace. And for those pioneers who are at the helm of this intuitive reprisal- YOU have been hit the hardest.


In the next few weeks you will start to access more clarity. With the clutter out of the way, you will be able to make solid decisions about what you truly need. The lessons of this year have created new space for more light. It’s a surge toward authenticity. All along we thought things were a certain way and little by little we have come to realize the underbelly reality. If we can get over the shock than we have a chance to re-write our stories in the way we truly desire and/or come to accept how things really are.


It’s a time of ridding fallacy and discarding faulty patterns that bind or hold us back from our true potential.


And there are still pitfalls. This cannot be emphasized enough. Be very full of care right now.  To receive your crossover gifts and manifest your visions, there is still some inner work to be done.


Even though these last months have felt like the biblical 40 years in the wilderness and yes we have come so far, we are not out of the woods yet. Don’t get stuck. Cross all the way through to the light, you have earned it, now just be patient.


To prepare for September, which will require a ton of amazing work from you, the kind you have been dreaming of doing your whole life, rest up and keep cleaning out your body. Some of the things that may hold us back from fully receiving the bounty of the shifts we have earned over these last months have to do with taking accountability for our own emotional growth.


To avoid a re-tred and accelerate your crossover in the cleanest and most thorough way possible it’s imperative to get into a daily habit of tracking your reactions to everyday annoyances.


When you are bothered by little stuff this is a strong indicator that you have an opportunity to understand a deeper seated issue. When we understand our issues we can make better choices around changing our behaviors. Its a good rule of thumb that hysterical (whether visibly or silently in your thought) means historical. If something seemingly small causes drama, and you feel disappointed and/or defensive this is a good sign that you have stumbled onto a trigger. Triggers are surface level instigators that stir the deeper issues and, over time, cause physical adhesions, trigger points in the body.


We all have issues –places that we lock down inside because, at the time,  it was too much to figure out. Whenever we short change the therapeutic process and skip over the steps of feeling, filtering and forgiving, unexpressed emotions accumulate in our body. When we cannot fully digest reality, we close off in our body to guard or shield from being hurt. This is brilliant self protection and most of the time happens unconsciously. So often that our bodies, our connective tissue, the amazing biological material that wraps us, like a matrix, around every muscle, organ, bone and cell hardens and closes off that area from being exposed to danger. This creates a false sense of safety, however, and minimizes our capacity for receiving. Plus, no Lock down is leak proof. And what seeps out through the cracks has a hyper-magnetism that attracts lessons around whatever emotion or theme leaks through.


Emotional guarding is something that we mostly do unconsciously but it requires a lot of energy.  Whether it’s locking the knees, clenching the butt, hardening the ribcage, tightening the jaw or furling the brow–there are as many different kinds of patterns and strategies as there are people. We each do it differently but the intent is the same: ward off being hurt.


Train yourself to tune into the moments that get underneath your skin by watching for tension in your body.  So when a little thing irritates you or you feel yourself tense up, get excited! That means that you’re ready to unlock an aspect of a trapped emotion and reclaim new space in the body and MIND.


Be on the watch for moments when you feel disappointed and/or defensive, irritated, bothered or got your feelings hurt. When you are having one of these moments, even though it doesn’t usually feel very good try to pause and breathe. If at all possible, stay with the feelings in your body which will take you right to the lock down. You just got expedited into this undercover world.


Now, try to name where you feel that moment in your body. It’s simple, just say the body part: Left foot, Right side of hip, heart, left shoulder, etc. Be specific but don’t worry about accuracy. No need to debate if it’s here or there. Just say silently (or out loud if you want:) what place took the hit and by doing so you have made the unconscious, conscious. You have entered the game whereas before you weren’t even at the field.


Try to understand what it is about that moment that is intolerable. What is trying to penetrate you that you cannot accept? What does it remind you of? When have you felt that before?  Emotions are not usually linear so what comes may not even make rational sense. Don’t analyze. We have done that enough in these last centuries. Sit with it. Listen to what the feeling has to tell you and then exhale. Dont’ force feeling, filtering or forgiving. They have a timing of their own. Just show up. Get in the game, simply, observe how much energy it takes in your body to resist and how this shuts you off from the flow of life.


These moments, are usually unpleasant and it makes perfect sense to recoil. When a part of your body tightens, you are blocking yourself from feeling stress or from having to be present. Notice the tightening, consider tension as a muse. There is usually a marked echo after a trigger. This may present as pain, discomfort, or instigate over thinking or the need to check out – act out – lash out or in.


Here’s where you want to cultivate more fitness. It’s so easy to blame people, places or things for triggering you. If at all possible, AVOID this. They were not the ones who created that trigger in you. They are serving as catalysts in your life. You have attracted them. Your impulse for evolution and healing, drew them to you. They are here to help you access, understand and unlock your blocks.


Be grateful for the shadow muses.


This aspect of magnetism gets very misunderstood.


It’s not as simple as like attracts like. For example, if you have attracted an angry person into your life that must mean you have a lot of locked down anger. It might- it might not. it’s not that matchy match. Magnetism is similar to Jungian dream analysis. It’s less literal and more metaphorical. A lot of times we attract people who have a similar block but express this in a very different way than we do. You may both have issues around “time” or “forgiveness” but express this in totally opposites ways which attract each other by repulsion (attraction’s less popular partner).  We then judge each other’s style of dealing with that issue and fail to see the opportunity of claiming our own stuff. We seek out situations that confirm our experience- this is life affirming and oddly rationale, so what that means – if you are attracting drama, disappointment or defensiveness, that is because somewhere in your body you are leaking out that scent from behind a locked door.  You are trying to find a way out of these closed off rooms inside you. And the only way out is to shift your choices around that theme. Start by investigating your emotional expression with this trigger and stop blaming the other person for causing your trigger and wasting your time on judging them for how they deal with their hang ups, which are no different than yours.


You must make the unconscious, conscious. When we’re triggered, it’s tough to act optimally. Triggers cause emotions to rise and fall and we get stuck in those swings. We attract situations, people-places-things- into our lives that correspond, almost mathematically, with the residue of whatever is trapped in our body. This immediately gets tricky and sticky and we miss out on the opportunity for mutual transcendence.


In order to clean out clutter of trapped emotion we have to change our relationship to our triggers and find healthier ways to express our moods. An emotion is a charge of energy that moves through your body – whether that’s mad, sad or glad, it’s difficult to surrender to the feelings and allow for the flow to have an organic beginning, middle and end.


Track your triggers and get to know your emotive style. Assess the quality of your go to venting mechanisms. Venting usually strengthens faulty wiring and in August, we do not have time for this. Too risky.  Venting stems from the coping strategies we designed when we were younger to deal with triggers. They are usually pretty sophomoric. It’s a rule of thumb: whatever it is that you are venting about has everything to do with you. Venting usually comes at high cost and little gain. It feels good at the time to succumb to impulsivities and blurt out what’s on your mind or feel and do without thinking but oftentimes this comes at too much of a backlash. Try to carve out space between the stimulus and your response in order to become more conscious of your whole body and the choices you are making.


Express your emotions responsibly. This means avoid inward and outward emotional exhibisitionism– where you feel license to take up the room with your discharge. If your emotional expression feels drastic — discipline yourself to take a few slow and deep breaths. Try to regain your composure and rationality. This does not mean a departure from your emotion or right to have that emotion, it’s just a tool to stay with yourself– the steadfast YOU that remains calm even in the storm . Extreme expressions of inner or outward “emoting” may feel cleansing and cathartic at the time but more often than not inflames rather than exonerates the lock down. Find a way to honor the rush of feelings, but when you are in these states, acknowledge the cost of the energy you emit. Choose, to consciously breathe and stay present. When emotions flare, it’s easy to go into a fight or flight mode and start fuming, flailing, and fleeing. When we do this we feed the beast, strengthening the lock down and prolonging that pattern.


On a daily basis, actively discover your built in venting portals – exodus pathways through your feet – hands mouth ears and through the crown of your head and, simply, your exhale. You were built to release and getting to know these pathways will be a saving grace the next time you need to blow your top.


During pleasurable and safe moments, also get to know your body. Don’t just tune in when you feel attacked or in pain. Practice softening areas of tension during times of ease, in fact, why not soften tension as your new hobby! ??


The body speaks in guttural wisdom- and how it responds has been coded for many years, decades maybe even lifetimes so trust in the brilliance of your defense mechanisms, bow to the guards, but also invite new guardians into the mix. Lock downs have served you and triggers are teachers. They have gotten you to where you are and should not be hastily discarded. In the meantime, move into the spaces that are available, knowing that the only way that you can unlock those rooms is by deactivating your triggers.


One more thing, given everything you’ve been through you may appear needy right now and while greater clarity is on its way you are still in the fog. Don’t fall prey to the savior’s complex. We lock onto people, places or things to fix, heal or save us. You do not need to be saved. This notion creates temporary comfort at a very high cost and in the long run causes serious suffering because it alienates us from our own power. Instinct to save or be saved- transfer this impulse to get to know the areas in you that need more oxygen. Fill up on light and rescue the disenfranchised cells within YOU. As you increase your light frequency you will emit more healing force in all that you do – you will be more influential and helpful — without exhaustion or depletion.


Get to know your own strength within, the power that is you. Rest into this eternal strength. Surrender to your need for rest. Don’t fight. It’s simply not productive anymore to struggle against your needs or try to push through your exhaustion. Allow for sanctioned opportunities to soften your jaw, breathe into your back, take in the sights, star gaze. It’s a time of owning personal power and celebrating uniqueness. Like the Albert Einstein quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”


Now is the time be who you are and fully own and celebrate your animal intelligence.


Dare to dream and believe you can have it all. But center around the themes that you desire rather than a specific agenda of the details of how these themes will come to be. Set goals, make action steps, have a plan – commit to a timeline but stay open and receptive to the signs that will speak to you as feelings through your body. Again, keep track of the details that please you in your day to day. Preferences are key indicators of your unique expression, trends and style but the themes are what you must name with confidence and take action of awakening in your heart.


This is daily work and can be done anywhere. But in August you may also need to take a day off. Go to the beach or take a ride through the mountains or to the lake. Commune with Nature.. Do something to disconnect from external noise at least for a day. Until peace becomes your inner environment, go somewhere peaceful. .Breathe, move, write, change up the reality- dive into the ocean, dance, clean off the body, rest, play, sit and listen to the breeze, breathe.


Continue to peel away layers of conditioning and get back to your essential self. Most productive thing you can do is find your own center. All the other nonsense is a false sense of progress. It’s a veneer and a thin veil of sanctity beneath which lives the reality of lost premise.