ANYA Soft and ANYA Firm are great 15 minute at home practices that gracefully compliment each other. They are simple yet potent daily practices and are a good supplement to coming to classes.
ANYA Soft is a nice way to wind down your nervous system. Think of it like taking a warm bath because it’s a therapeutic practice that will gently help you unwind while healing your whole system. Practicing this ANYA Soft fitness meditation will improve sleep patterns, mobilize the joints in the spine, and empower your breath.
Focus on the details of what it means to “empty,” ground the feet and articulate the spine. Bringing awareness to how you engage your ribs, the contraction and expansion of the ribs will turn this gentle practice into a powerful workout. This is the magic of ANYA. Remember that you don’t have to go hard or work your body to the max to change your shape or form. Pay attention to the feeling of fitness that arises in your body from breathing deep into your back and ribs. Consciously choose that feeling of fitness throughout your daily life. ANYA Soft will guide you to this place of self-mastery.

ANYA Firm is a good practice for those who are physically fit and able to do more intense workouts. It’s a total body conditioning session that safely increases the heart rate and drives vital energy through the body. Doing this practice daily for a month will sculpt your body, elongate your neck, tone your abdomen and thighs.
Listen carefully to the cues as they are a formula designed to maximize the effect of the practice. Take the cues literally because they will train your body brain connection. Go beyond just doing the cues and become fascinating by HOW you do them. With persistence, this practice will become a part of you and you’ll see accelerated results. ANYA is education, a system of alignment techniques that teach us how to be in the body. ANYA Firm will help get you into this mindset.