At the end of an ANYA class we practice the Heart Warmer – a moment of listening, deepening, breathing, when we choose to warm our hearts with our hands. ANYA is a whole body practice designed to bring us back to our hearts, to trust and honor the heart. The heart is the home of our intuition. When we learn to rest in our hearts our intuition awakens within.

The Heart Warmer is a direct and literal experience. It attunes our system to the actual feeling of having a warm heart. It brings us to the exact location and a specific sensory experience of a warm heart and reminds us what that feels like in the whole body, our whole being.

We’re blessed that our hearts are so accessible to us. We can literally get in touch with our hearts through our hands. When the hands touch the heart, a circuit builds. It’s a simple physical act that initiates a powerful energetic response; we ignite reverence, a spirit of worship and devotion. We awaken to our prayer center within, our inner temple.

Here we find home in our bodies and in ourselves. The warmth creates a tone of acceptance, comfort, and safety. Placing the hands on the heart is a direct universal act without any ties to dogmas or religion. This simple and powerful gesture gives us permission to connect with the vulnerability of the heart and build compassion for self and others.

Both the beginning and the end of our classes bring the hands to the heart. At the beginning of class we friction vigorously in Eastern Prayer to stoke the fire within and at the end of class we come full circle but with a softer tone in Heart Warmer. The Heart Warmer works beautifully with Easter Prayer Friction, both bring our polarities together as one but in different ways.

By pressing our hands firmly on the heart, we get in touch with our whole heart; the illumined and the shadow heart.  We send breath to inspire and expand the space between the shoulder blades, the shadow heart, to send a physical feeling of peace to this disenfranchised area in our body. We then exhale and press our hands into our breast plate, the illumined heart, to create a physical feeling of wholeness of front to back, together as one. We feel the echo in a moment of stillness, which etches calmness into the our nervous system.

ANYA re-wires pathways within, renovating ourselves and cultivating fitness. We close our classes with the heart warmer to settle peacefully into ourselves, reflect on our practice and integrate the shifts that occur throughout the class into our mind and body. By beginning the class with enlivening the hands and ending with the heart warmer, the hands remain a featured subject. Our goal is to anoint the hands, recognizing them as a tool for healing.

You can take the Heart Warmer out of class and into your daily life. It’s great for moments when you’ve had your feelings hurt, because it helps to connect to something greater and ease the pain. It’s a wonderful daily practice to build intuition. Heart Warmer is also an effective tool to facilitate the manifestation of the vision of your heart. By getting to know your heart from all angles, you’ll learn how to let your heart lead you.

Heart Warmer Cues

  1. Bring hands together in eastern prayer and gently friction to warm the hands. Stare at hands while you friction for 20 seconds, breathe naturally.
  2. Return the hands to stillness. Place the left hand and then the right at the illumined heart- slightly left of center at the sternum.
  3. Feel the hands warm your heart and breathe into that warmth.
  4. Inhale and breathe into the upper back the space between the shoulder blades, the shadow heart. Exhale and gently but firm press the hands into the illumined heart to pump vital energy from front to back. Continue for 3 breath cycles.
  5. Pause for a moment and observe the echo of peace in your heart. Take a moment to honor your heart and listen to the wisdom of your intuition.