According to ANYA Numerology, the year 2015 re-presents The Shaman in the year of the Enlightened or simply, to activate your core — express the breath!

September sparks a season of milestones – homecomings for the heart of humanity, ignited by shifts in consciousness that you’ve personally inspired. It’s the great unwind. Your inner Renunciate takes center stage with the Artist serving as the Muse and the Warrior as the guide. What that means … your inner wisdom will remind you of your authentic power and urge you to let go of deep seated issues holding you back from fully expressing your creativity, elegance and vision.

You’re on the cusp rather than the edge. Don’t give up now. Be ready and stay steady. Things are about to change. You’ve studied and practiced as much as you can, and the next three months are game time. In August you were too physically exhausted to fight, but you’re stronger now. And it’s no longer about fighting as much as it will be about standing up for what you believe in by confronting and resolving painful issues.

Wait, didn’t we already do that? Yes, and now you’ve earned your way into a deep layer of your wounds. Part of your spiritual maturation will be about accepting your imperfection and realizing there’s no finish line when it comes to evolution. So, be brave and keep showing up to do your inner work. Within reach — profound healing in your relationship with yourself and others as you begin to live the life you were born to live.

Don’t be surprised or alarmed by feelings of nostalgia and pervasive sense of “missing” old friends or lovers. The angst of the last year is gone and what’s underneath is a mixture of joy and sorrow. You will come face to face with the essential ache of being human and a deep longing for connection. In many ways you are more vulnerable than ever, softer and ready for your next level of acceptance, forgiveness and hope.

We are awakening. Old patterns are on the way out which means that old wounds are still up. Faulty coping mechanisms are on the surface and even if you cling, it’s unlikely they will linger. Ready or not, rip the band-aid off. The wound will mend faster if you let it breath. Let go of hiding your scars. Avoid thickening your skin.

Make your cuts visible. It’s like a last viewing. This means be prepared for a potential crisis. You are openly wearing your pain. This gives off a scent. Don’t panic. That’s not the answer. It will be short lived, cathartic and needed to catapult you to your next level of peace. What did we expect? We’ve been detoxing, digging up our pain and envisioning new horizons. We’ve done the inner work and now we must deal with any remaining issues we have drudged to the surface.

In our bodies, this will mean an opportunity to melt away excess tension, heal chronic illness and open new space in the heart and mind for simple pleasures. There will be a natural deepening of breath and more room for vital energy to flow through your bones. Look forward to a needed boost of good mood hormones in your system to clear your head and counter the pain of letting go — essentially, it’s a sign from our animal intelligence that we’re strong enough to care for the challenges ahead.

Our prayers are being answered but over the next three months, we must carefully navigate our choices with the intent of releasing old pain patterns. Even though we are more clear, The Renunciate energy brings a wide angle lens perspective, as if seeing ourselves from the outside in and up close all at once. There’s something about this perspective that’s confusing and yet also makes total sense. In the moment, insights are clear and solid but then get blurry and difficult to explain. That’s normal. Don’t try to force insights into fruition, instead, hold space for truth in your heart and be patient for the variables to come together in their own timing. Nonetheless, stay with your breath, stay with yourself, examine your emotions and be careful, full of care with your choices.

Our feet are grounded on the earth…things are very real. This last year has shown us the ephemeral nature of humankind. Like a guided tour through the collective underbelly, it’s been a bit too dark and raw. These harsh lessons still linger on our tongue but their sting is fading away. Eyes wide shut, you are awakening to your full existence, shadow and light, and it may feel like like you’re fading away or losing your passion. You’re not. This is the earned dissipation phase and you are simply, adjusting to your new lighter disposition. The will to survive is being replaced by a willingness to thrive. Be still and receive this surge of life force into your whole being.

The goal now is to connect with your imagination in real time rather than through trance or an out of body experience. The next months, you will learn to access your creativity – other-worldy creativity, without leaving the physical world. This is embodied intuition. To get there — requires receptivity – open pathways between the various facets of our mind and body connection. We must try to live in, and be in, the moment both personally and professionally. This kind of heightened presence has tangible benefits beyond our wildest dreams but will initially feel like a limited dimension, best described as sobriety.

While clarity is on the upswing, it’s still a time of not knowing and the goal is to achieve a spirit of peace with this perpetual uncertainty. Maintain a type of faith in the flow of life that is well informed, pragmatic and fueled by personal accountability. This requires a spirit of detachment or letting go. Detachment, albeit a simple concept, is such a difficult one to explain because it must be lived to fully understand the breathe of what it means. It’s not something that can be forced, rushed or faked; but it can be practiced.

One way to practice detachment is to examine your perspective of reciprocity– explore your process of giving and receiving in your relationships. Again, letting go doesn’t mean blind faith or giving up on caring. It’s a mindset driven by clarity and a vehement resolve to claim our own growth. Be inspired by Persian poet Hafiz, who wrote –

“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.”

Relationships become problematic when we are too attached to being right or defending from being wrong. When we operate from a point system or tit for tat mindset, someone will always feel as if they got the short end of the stick. The deficit grows and entitlement creeps into the relationship from either end. If you are hurt by the relationship, somewhere in your reciprocity loop there’s an injury. You feel you are giving more that you are receiving or your worth has been diminished. Deep inside you want to say: You owe me. This may be so buried within that it manifests as a type of martyrdom or on the flip side — insatiable hunger for attention.  You feel you are giving more that you are receiving or not being appreciated for your worth and the other person feels they give everything.

Make conscious agreements in your relationships. Strive for mutual understanding and appreciation of what each person brings to the table. You may say I never asked for that, well, then be more clear about your needs. Ask for what you want. If you are not receiving the support you need it is your responsibility to assess and express your needs. The goal is not to outgrow wanting to be met emotionally. It’s accepting that you must meet yourself – and if others cannot be there for you when you need them, forgive them. Newsflash- nobody’s perfect- including you. Don’t withdraw or retreat and swear you’ll never love or trust again. That’s beneath your grace and will rob you of the joy of imperfect love and the satisfaction of self-comfort.

One false notion that causes a lot of suffering in relationships is the idea that we are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love all the time. This is a foolish notion of love. At the core of this belief, however, is the essential ache of being human- the faulty conclusion that we are separate or alone. Remember, relationships take work and no one person can fulfill your needs. The kind of work that the author of the Prophet, Kahlil Gibran describes as “work is love made visible.” Create a structure within yourself, in your resolve, to support this work. Make peace with imperfect love, keep getting better at listening to your heart and forgive others for letting you down. Give to give because it makes you happy and stop keeping score.
This month, seek out healthy reminders of your wholeness. In moments when you feel you are giving more than you receive, look up at the sky. Bow to vastness. Only something mysterious and magical could inspire such exquisite beauty and eternal harmony between the elements. This is your heritage. You too are of this perfection.