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We’re excited to launch our new Featured Teachers Series by interviewing Eileen Klugh! Eileen is an ANYA 500 hour RYT and certified AntiGravity Instructor, teaching 5 classes a week at ANYA. Her classes embody her deep love of movement, her curiosity of the body and her courage to explore the edges. She has a fierce appreciation for the arts as a vehicle for transformation.

What’s on your playlist?

I have a lot of Ben Howard. I like the softer side of Sarah Barelles. And recently discovered Jasmine Thompson. I like her cover songs. I love hearing a familiar song in a new light.

ANYA is kind of like a cover song — it’s a new way of listening to an old tune. A new way of understanding yoga, a method that’s been around for centuries.


What do you like most about teaching ANYA and AntiGravity?

I like seeing the wow moment. I had a bio teacher in the 10th grade who’d refer to any new discovery as the wow moment. I like seeing students do something they’ve been doing for awhile, either here or in other classes, but something clicks for the first time. And their eyes brighten. And they have a wow moment.


What are the similarities between ANYA and AntiGravity?

They are both methods that take a new perspective on Yoga and movement. In AntiGravity – you do things you have done before but you are upside down. For ANYA, you are asking questions that you’ve never asked before in familiar movements. Both methods, make everything you’re doing less stagnant. They engage you and keep you on your toes.


What is your favorite ANYA Technique?

I do friction the most. Whenever I need to get grounded and remind myself that I can change the space around me in a tactile way. I do it for 15 to 30 seconds at a time. Even in the grocery store or when I am waiting in line at Starbucks. I do it for enough time that I can feel heat and notice strength. It puts things into perspective for me.


What’s your favorite teaching apparel?

I like harem pants. I have a favorite pair of leggings from Lole. They’re vibrant with interesting shapes. I like loose and comfortable things I can move in.


What artist reminds you the most of ANYA?

Picasso. Especially his old sketches. Last time I was in Paris I saw his work lined up in a progression. It reminded me of ANYA – because you get the very abstract stuff- just shapes, lines and blocks of color that shouldn’t necessarily make a form but do. I didn’t realize this but he was also actually amazing with realism. He had a very strong technical background and can make a portrait look exactly like a person but he also does the very abstract shapes too. And that reminds me of ANYA. Its the same image but shifts through a different lens. When you establish a strong center, you can move around it.


What is your favorite ANYA Method class?

I love Mods. It’s very straightforward. Its a simple class. You get as much out of it as you are giving. It can feel like a basic Pilates class if that’s what you want out of it. It can also completely change how you move through space if that’s what you want. I love that it is so alignment focused, which speaks to me as a dancer who wants to be balanced and not get injured.


What is your favorite AntiGravity Class?
Decompression Session. It’s calming. It lets you take a moment to be brave.