Maridie is an ANYA Rest teacher. She began her journey studying yoga and then became increasingly interested in the healing arts. She received a Reiki attunement in 2007. The following year, her journey landed her at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing from which she graduated in 2012. Here she learned that healing is an act of non-resistance, of surrendering to the joys and challenges of being human and remembering who we are. Healing is the journey back home.
What’s on your playlist?
Lately it’s been East Forest. Since I discovered him last year, it’s the only thing I’ve been playing. Other than that, it’s always very mellow rest-inducing kind of music, purely instrumental. I’ve been putting together playlists for years and years, lots of Indonesian music which is calming and also used during healing.
What do you love most about teaching ANYA Rest classes?
The whole experience from beginning to end is a journey. We first begin with getting into the physical body, shaking off vibes of the city. Then we do the body scan, cultivating self-awareness. I love witnessing people as they relax and trust that they have this space and time for themselves. I love all the stages of the class.
What are some of the benefits from Rest that students can take into their daily life?
Practicing rest improves many aspects of daily life. It’s important to learn how to take a minute and allow yourself to rest and do nothing. Most people go go go all the time. Resting seems like “I’ll just go to sleep” but there are other benefits to resting. In Rest class we cultivate self-awareness. As Courtney says “we focus on bones and not muscles because there is no ego around the bones.” Rest is a good gateway for people to learn to navigate their inner landscape.
People are slowly discovering that there is so much more to resting. It’s an important balance to your workout. That’s our goal with this class.
What’s your favorite ANYA technique?
The scans and the four different stages that we move through in the Rest class. The warm up, the scan, 1 or 2 shapes, basic rest (supported savasana). The last 2 stages are totally silent. Silence cultivates the good juju.
So how does the silence cultivate the good juju?
Silence is so important for us when we live in this high-voltage, overstimulating city. Not even at night do we have silence, there is always some noise (i.e. sirens) stimulating us. The nervous system can unwind in the silence, that’s what we’re looking for in Rest – silence, stillness, warmth and no light.  According to my teacher Judith Lasater, the nervous system takes about 15 minutes to unwind given these conditions.
What is one simple Rest technique you recommend people do at home?
Turn off all the electronics, no vibration, no light, give yourself at least 15 minutes. Turn it all off, dim the lights and get into side-lying rest, like a fetal position. Put a pillow between your knees and cover your eyes. There’s something about covering your eyes – the weight of the fabric is comforting. Get an eyebag. Do nothing.
What is your favorite teaching apparel?
I’ve gone through different stages in different brands, lately it’s been Lululemon. I live in leggings, I do everything in my black leggings. It’s easy, comfortable. I love being mobile. You can dress leggings up and dress them down. You can wear them with sneakers, boots or flip flops!
What is your goal in your work?
In my work, my goal is to offer Alchemy – transforming lead into gold, heartache into light.  “Heal” is a big word and it means a lot of things. I prefer “Alchemizing.” I’ve been resonating with this concept so much lately that I got the word “alchemy” tattooed on the outside of my right wrist. I don’t have a cure to offer but I’m here as a guide to facilitate and witness people’s own alchemy. I’m being a channel, and reflecting back their humanity and their light. They are the real alchemists at the end, they are the ones doing the healing.