REST is stillness, a quiet break from taking in any more information, ideas, thoughts, concepts, goals – its a suspension of striving. It’s an intentional practice, an active choice. Rest is a process of tuning in, not tuning out. Choose to rest and design a space in your life to settle into yourself and breathe into your cells. Choose moments to melt away excess tension, heal and open new space in the heart and mind for simple pleasures. Rest is about coming back to yourself.


The ANYA REST class is a deliberate process that uses conscious breath to trigger and nourish the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to drop into a state of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation and balance. We use props such as blankets, blocks, and bolsters to support the body in positions of comfort and ease. The subtle power of stillness and silence reminds us of our natural healing state of being.


The majority of activities in modern life put us on edge and disconnect us from primal rhythms in our body and in the collective humanity. Practicing rest trains you to rest in the midst of the high voltage life, to settle into every moment of your life. When we get quiet, we reclaim our ability to listen to the internal workings of our body. When we get in touch with this wisdom we are better able to assess our choices and trust the flow of life in the whole body.


By taking REST class, we choose to devote time out of the day to purposefully do nothing. However, “doing nothing” does not mean the absence of intention, the intention is to rest. Making rest a priority is a powerful statement about self-care. Rest engenders contentment but is not at all complacent. Rest takes courage and a high level of trust in oneself and the universe, to hold space for the process. To truly rest we need to suspend control. This can be scary and intimidating but is also be enormously rewarding to our nervous system, nourishing our creative longevity.


Rest is a necessary component of strength and healing. In any transformation process, rest is needed for assimilation and integration. Rest allows for the shifts to settle into the body. More is not always more, sometimes rest is the most productive option to choose in order to bring more strength and healing into your personal journey.


There is a powerful relationship between REST and HEAL. Rest cultivates internal awareness by creating an space for agenda-less exploration. Heal takes this internal awareness and gives the exploration a map, an agenda. Together, rest and heal, provide an “agendaless agenda” and the tools needed for transformation. We need rest in order to heal. Rest is passive and still, healing is active and dynamic. Rest teaches us how to surrender and from that place of vulnerability we are more ready to actively heal.


Rest is the fifth limb of yoga – pratyahara – when we shift from external to internal sensory awareness, it’s also the 8th limb of yoga, shivasana. When we assimilate the echo from our sadhana, practice, and nurture the shifts in our body by becoming very still, from a place of surrender. We have done all that we can do for now and the best thing we can do is be still, listen and rest.