In October, the month of the diviner, the glory of our soul speaks through interesting dreams, psychic visions and new perspectives on human existence. We’ll see ourselves from a greater altitude and reorient our outlook on our lives. This shift in perception will penetrate the very landscape of our cellular composition. It’s time to reclaim our bliss. No matter what shape we’re in, pure wholeness, brilliance is our birthright.


Now is the time to wage a comeback on a massive scale. The lure for healing is urgent and strong. For centuries, we’ve operated from a place of guardedness and fear. This limited mindset has taken a toll on our physical well being, gradually alienating our primal intelligence and disconnecting us from the wisdom of our hearts. Reverting from diamond to carbon, going against our true nature, takes a lot of energy. In the process we’ve lost touch with our magic within. This must change. Envision a new era, lead the way toward salvation by practicing compassion through body awareness.


Look forward to an upgrade in magnetism. This kind of personal power, however, requires profound humility and service. In order to fully receive this influx of vitality, continue to express your needs and own your choices.


As we transition from one state of being into another, volatility is the new norm. Luckily, profound clarity is around the corner. You don’t have to search for it – just  continue to move deeper into your body to feel the power of your existence. All the cues you’ll need will register as sensations in places like your belly, chest, back and even your feet. Listen for physical prompts and collaborate with the flow of life by accessing a more intimate connection with your breath. Consciously exude your intention and attract what you need by cultivating the feeling of that subject in your body.


Over the last months, you’ve realized that the way you thought things needed to be may not be the case. Reality as you’ve known it may no longer even make sense. If you’re in a relationship, work environment or life situation where you feel judged, stuck or disrespected – chances are you are in the wrong position. You’ve earned your way to a tipping point and this month will require you to negotiate on your own behalf and stand up for what you need. You will have many moments when you want to bail. Find a comfortable seat within yourself and try to stick things out til the end. Avoid burning bridges, the stakes are high and emotions run deep, but do your best to remain very calm. Let go with grace and cover all your bases on your way to a brighter horizon.


Make solid decisions but don’t be afraid to take risks. Say what you mean. Be thorough, direct and concrete about terms. You will undoubtedly disappoint people who are used to you putting their needs above your own. Stay strong. The commitment now is to yourself. This is not selfish, it’s long overdue and necessary for the greater good to unfold.


In the process of voicing your truth, make sure to increase your level of empathy. Speak from a place of positive regard by emanating a deep sense of appreciation for humankind. You don’t have time to criticize people’s choices, seek to understand and scrutinize yourself instead. Build self knowledge by studying the impulse to judge others.


What are the things people do that hurt your heart? Avoid saying I would never do that or … who does that? In some way you do it too. It may not be obvious … so closely examine your reactivity style during conflict or strife and observe the ways you guard or lash out. Work extra hard to change the aspects of you that forget humanity. Soften your resistance to fortify your resolve. Cultivate compassion, rather than judge, self-reflect, learn and heal in those moments when you feel at odds with life.


It’s a major time of change. Hold space for your heart. Find a balance where you can express your concerns and worries without wallowing. It’s not about invalidating your feelings, forgoing acknowledgement or subjugating self, it’s bigger than that. Simply expect the universe to have your back. When you fall prey to “love me love me not” type thinking, remember – you are love and have always been love. Move away from people, places and things who make you feel any less than this truth.


Choose battles wisely, set priorities – release clinging to preconceived notions, open your mind and heart to new possibilities and solutions. Hold on to your faith. Ground your feet and be prepared to be wowed —  this next month will deliver many answers and they may not be what you expected or even thought you would want. Nonetheless, remain steadfast in your personal journey. Put hope on a pedestal and trust in the universe to deliver what’s most essential and prosperous for your healing and growth.