The Embracing technique activates your core strength, enhances circulation, calms your nervous system, regenerates and detoxes your whole body. It will awaken you to the power that lies within.

It’s a simple and profound breathing exercise that brings awareness to the natural expansion and contraction of the ribs. Embracing strengthens and stretches the abdominal and back muscles.

Try to expand the back of the ribs on the inhale and contract the front of the ribs on the exhale. Encircle yourself with breath. Use your hands to facilitate the contraction by engaging what’s called the abdominal wrap – a series of muscles that work together like a corset to funnel the ribs downward toward the public bone upon exhalation.

The heat of your hands will also liquefy tension in the connective tissue and break up adhesions in the intercostal muscles, serratus anterior and external obliques. This type of tactile feedback creates supple strength without the wear and tear of sit ups or crunches.

The Embracing technique bridges the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. The parasympathetic is located at the base of the skull and the sacrum, and sympathetic nervous system is located in the ribcage. By setting a steady rhythm of expansion and contraction at the ribs, the signals between the base of the skull and the sacrum flow more smoothly.

While embracing, turn inward and follow the rise and fall of vital energy in the ribcage. Find the push and pull through your hands, hold space for the flow of life.