We all have the power within us to manifest our desires. Manifestation is an embodied process. The body is a tool to help know what we truly desire and a key in bringing our intentions into being.

Manifestation begins with knowing what you desire and being able to articulate it clearly, naming it. Listening to the pulse of our hearts and feeling the subtle sensations in our bodies can help us figure out what we truly want. Our bodies speak to us, sending messages from our soul, giving us important information that transcends the limitations of the rational mind.

Once you’re clear on what you desire, then the work is to bring it into being. We give it form, shape, presence in our physical reality, we land it. Our bodies can facilitate bringing our ideas, visions, and intentions into our physical reality. By engaging body awareness, every cell chooses the reality we wish to create. We align our physical existence with the energy we choose and amplify the feelings we want to create within ourselves. This is the creative power that lies within our physical existence.

What would you like to receive more of in your daily life? Name what you desire and continue to move deeper into your body to feel the power of your existence. All the cues you’ll need to manifest this intention will register as sensations in places like your belly, chest, back and even your feet. Listen for physical prompts and collaborate with the flow of life by accessing a more intimate connection with your breath. Consciously exude your intention and attract what you need by cultivating the feeling of that subject in your body.