L Mudra is a great hands on technique to check in with the side body, the space between the hips and the ribs. When we lengthen the side body we have more space at our center, look longer, feel leaner and more graceful.

L mudra is a wonderful mindfulness drill. A reminder to pause within the doing to honor the sacredness of your core, simply being. It invites breath. The breath becomes a tool for creating more space in the side body. Breathe into the back body and envision the spine elongating, expanding between the vertebrae, increasing the space between the ribs and the hips

Through tactile feedback from the hands, L mudra brings greater awareness to the length and proportion of the spine. Using our own touch to modulate the space along the side body, we create enough room to breathe, equalize weight distribution and replenish our vital organs.

Since many of us are seated during the day, L mudra is an excellent reminder to get out of “the slump” – a depressed position that diminishes the side body, closes the heart and promotes an overactive mind, aka: forward head syndrome. Sadly, the slump is all too common in the modern workplace.

L mudra helps to differentiate the leg and hip. This profound area of the body holds a lot tension. The hips sit on top of the femur with the force of gravity bearing down on the ball and socket joint. The slump exacerbates this compression, giving undue pressure to an already precarious relationship. The weight of the ribs, shoulders and head bear down onto the legs making our journey more labored and heavy.

Our bodies take on the dominant stances of our day. If what we practice is the slump, our bodies will make it very easy to live there. How we hold our bodies, consciously or unconsciously, determines our overall shape. Although the slump may feel like a comfort zone, it’s really a hot mess.

Think of the body as a piston, push and pull move seamlessly in many directions, especially north and south, often called the heaven and earth channel. We root down into the earth as we rise up toward the sky- we embody spirit in human form as we remember our vastness, our inherent formlessness, our soul. We age when the downward energy becomes dominant with out the balance of the upward energy or Ascension.

How to do L Mudra:

Do this hands on technique in front of the mirror to use your external vision to corroborate the information you feel with your hands. See more detailed instructions under the video.

1. Place your thumb pad on your tenth anterior rib (the lowest rib on the front side of your body) and your index finger pad on your ASIS (your hip bones- you see them when you wear low rider jeans).

3. Check in to see if each side is the same length. (Trust in L mudra as a reliable measuring tool- the space between your index finger and thumb will be more constant than the ever fluctuating alignment of your side body.)

3. Also, use the mirror to  eyeball these 4 points:

• left 10th rib

• left hip bone

• right 10th rib

• right hip bone

4. See these 4 points make a rectangle. Notice the vertical and horizontal lines and adjust your stance to create proportion.

5. Make this technique into a breathing exercise. inhale, lengthen the vertical lines of the rectangle and exhale, draw the horizontal lines inward toward the viscera to activate your deep abdominals and support the new length along the spine.

You can do this technique anywhere and at any time. You don’t need a mirror to see and feel the space between your hips and ribs. Overtime, you will come to know your hands as the eyes of your felt sense. What our plain eye cannot see our felt sense already knows. All the solutions (right under our nose) come into vision when we get in touch with our body, breath and alignment through our own two hands. Best, underrated perk- tactile feedback nurtures in-sight.