At the core of existence, each breath we take represents our relationship with giving and receiving. Our ability to take in and let go hinges on life experiences and on dispositions encoded in the womb. Many of life’s challenges have to do with lessons in reciprocity.

This flow of give and take energy exists between opposites and not just polarity pairs but all relational elements in the universe. Like any axiomatic code, the law of reciprocity is a constant, reoccurring and undeniable player in the universal pulse of life. It’s similar to an infinity symbol, imagine two seamlessly woven spheres navigating currencies of incoming and outgoing energy.

Relationships are advanced spiritual work because they accelerate our ability to see our inner world through the dynamics of giving and receiving. Relationships provide an opportunity to assess our giving and receiving style. We can then clarify our choices, release faulty patterns and authenticate that style so it reflects our heart.

If someone has issues with receiving (inspiration, love, nourishment, security, forgiveness etc.) this will affect how they give. In this same light, if someone has issues with giving (trust, surrender, time, resources, focus, presence etc.) this will affect how they receive. Any wounds along the reciprocity exchange create stagnation in how we give and receive.

Surrender, generosity and gratitude enhance alignment while entitlement, fear and resentment promote misalignment. With trust and forgiveness, you can choose to courageously open yourself to the flow of giving and receiving. Maintaining this fluidity is essential for effective co-creation and collaboration.

Get to know your giving and receiving style by deepening your breath awareness. Imagine breathing in everything you need to feel your best. Each inhale, pure inspiration nourishes your whole body. Allow yourself to fully receive the love you deserve. In the same respect, visualize breathing out anything weighing you down. Each exhale, allow a gentle sigh to comfort and quiet your mind.

Reciprocity Breathing Exercise

Take 5-8 deep breaths.

  1. Receive. At the top of your inhale, stay full for 5 seconds. Feel your whole body receive and fill up on light.
  2. Give.  At the bottom of the exhale, stay empty for 5 seconds. Feel your whole body release, give away what you do not need.

Written by Courtney Bauer and Elizabeth Blake :: Image by Elizabeth Blake