What classes are you teaching?

I started off teaching one class 2 days a week, and now it’s every single day! Since I began, it grew and developed and now I’m teaching ANYA Pilates, MODS, ANYA Yoga, AntiGravity fundamentals. ANYA Yoga and AntiGravity fundamentals are my newest classes.

What’s your favorite class to teach?

I love them all for different reasons. Pilates and Strength classes, when you can see people feel their bodies while resting in the echo, you can see something has changed. Not in a the brute force way like Barry’s bootcamp, but in a fine tuned way, I love giving people that experience.

Yoga because I have 3 different teacher Sasha’s in one class when I go through the arch in yoga. By the end I tuck them into bed in rest, cycle through the flow. It’s really cool to channel that and calibrate the entire experience.

AntiGravity is just so fun, i’m a goofball! I can be loud and obnoxious and crazy. I teach AntiGravity on Friday nights at 6, so the not-so-zen Sasha gets to play.

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Do you see yourself building a career as a teacher?

Yea pretty much. I started as an intern at ANYA coming out of college. I fell in love with the method and it worked so well with my movement practices that I already did as a dancer. I decided to dive into ANYA, making it more a part of my life and share this work with others. The second you take a training at ANYA you are completely hooked and it changes your life in so many ways. It’s eye opening and enlightening. So why wouldn’t’ you want to share it with everyone you know?

In your experience, how is ANYA different from other yoga or mind/body practices?

Anya gives you a point of reference, a tool kit, a catalogue and insight into your own Self that you can tap into anytime. It’s a full re-wiring that brings out the best in you. The way i’m describing it may sound airy fairy but it’s down and dirty and actually very practical and task oriented.

Everyone wants to look great and feel well, but HOW do you do it? ANYA is how. When a new student asks “how do I actually do that in my body?” I’m able to give specific cues. In ANYA you may be doing something, but you aren’t sure what it is, then over time you learn to turn it on within, you revisit and it keeps turning on, suddenly you have something you can use and you find your strength.

For example, after practicing ANYA and training for a year, I went back to a style of dance that I hadn’t done in a while, I had so much knowledge and body awareness that I could easily tap into the dance.


How do you apply ANYA techniques in your daily life aside from dance?

Oh my goodness, it’s so nerdy! It’s cool when you can pull out a tag phrase, when you’re standing on subway, such as “ground your feet.” It’s fun to play with consciously being in your body while your in transit.

When I’m feeling a little off I can flip it. I go back into my body and make subtle adjustments as I’m going from one thing to the next throughout my day. “Stop, ground feet, equalize feet.” It’s great when you realize “hey, I have this whole network of awesomeness in my body and I can play with it!”… when you’re ANYA nerdy like me.

What’s your favorite Anya technique? Ummm, ooo! I think it’s “empty your triangle” because it’s infinite. You can always empty, it’s the center of it all.

Also, I love to breathe into my ribs, it’s a great thing! I have a fascination with rib shoulder connection, I never understood it until ANYA.

What are your favorite fitness leggings? I love Old Navy cause it’s cheap and they have fun patterns. I’m either in all black or I’m wearing the craziest colors. Sometimes I splurge with Athleta and Lululemon.

What’s on your playlist? I’ve been experimenting. I just got Spotify, right now for Pilates, Yoga and Mods it’s lowercase noise. I’ve been into Tycho since our 200 hour training that I just finished. We were a collaborative group and one of the girls found Tycho, so we’re probably all going to be playing that in our classes!