Which ANYA classes do you teach?

I teach Strength yoga, MODS and REST. I also am trained In ANYA Bodywork. I recently got certified in Antigravity Fundamentals and Decompression and look forward to adding these classes to my teaching schedule soon.

Which ANYA class is your favorite and why?

Strength yoga is my favorite class to teach. I enjoy pushing my students to new extremes and helping them find their edge. They have found new awareness and pathways into their own bodies. Allowing themselves to release old patterns and challenging themselves to take risks and explore outside of their comfort zones.

What is your favorite ANYA technique?

My favorite ANYA technique is empty. There is a beauty in emptying and letting go. Some could look at it as the end, but like SemiSonic says in “Closing Time”, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.

What’s your ANYA story?

The first time I went to the studio, I immediately knew ANYA was the place for me; from the calming smell, the friendly people and the beautiful space itself; I was walking into my second home.

After 700 hours of study, ANYA is a way of life for me now. It has shown me new pathways into my body that I never knew I had. I am constantly doing body scans throughout my day, looking for points of tension as well as places of ease. I can’t just stand still and not bring my awareness to my feet and notice how I am distributing my weight or wear a backpack and not focus on organizing my shoulders. I am always looking to better my alignment for overall happiness and ANYA has given me the tools to work on achieving that goal.

I’m a more emotionally balanced and physically stronger individual because of the ANYA Method.  I have found an inner strength in myself that I never knew I had. I am able to “ground my feet” when I feel like I’m stuck in my head and come back to the here and now. When I’m stressed, I take the time to breathe and like Courtney says “your breath is your best friend, it is always there for you.”

What’s currently on your playlist for your practice?

I have been listening to a lot of Adele, Usher and Rhianna lately.