What is your Movement History?

As a child I explored many different movement activities, one after another: ballet, Tae Kwan Do, then swimming, always moving on to the next. Then in my teens, I shifted my attention to becoming a Chef–I bussed tables and then worked as a line cook in Cooperstown NY. At the time I also explored music. I played piano, which helped me discover finger dexterity and the importance of practice/repetition, and through singing I explored my core and empowered my voice.

What got you into yoga?

I found being a chef in the city akin to a gypsy lifestyle, and it was tough to take care of my health. I gained weight and started feeling terrible; all of this led to difficulty doing the work that I love. Then I began to learn about food culture and ethics, understanding the challenges we face in the industry. I couldn’t in good conscience feed others in a way that might do harm. Between my health challenges and my new awareness of food politics, I became determined to make a change in my lifestyle to reflect my beliefs and intent. My Aunt invited me to take yoga with her–I found it boring, hot, and impossible. But, even though my first try felt terrible, it made an impression and I was curious. I took it again a year later, and started to attend regularly. This led me to pursue a body detox–I lost 40 lbs, felt lighter, and desired a workout that would be both fun and inspiring. AntiGravity® was the perfect answer for me; it was fun, I continued to feel light, and I could let go. Eventually this led me to ANYA, and soon after, I enrolled in the 200 hour Teacher Training because of how much I loved the space.

What did you learn from your ANYA Yoga teacher training?

My 500 hour Yoga Training was an eye-opening experience. It taught me “staying power”, let me fulfill my need to seek and explore, and ultimately to release into what would become a state of surrender. I connected to the clarity and focus of the method, and realized how much pain and confusion it could have prevented if I had learned it sooner. More deeply, I started to understand my esoteric nature that was in my soul but I never knew how to articulate. It was this malleable structure that led me to dig deeper into my creativity without getting lost.

How do use The ANYA Method off the mat?

I love to fidget. The small adjustments ANYA teaches allowed me to explore and track how energy moves through me. I am continually examining how my physical being is influenced by my surroundings, like watching a building endure weather patterns both from the interior and exterior perspective. The ANYA body scan, combined with breath, allows me to check the temperatures of the rooms within me, I see a functional transit system, like a grid, and a reliable map through which I can balance my energy. On a physical level, it is the equalization of my weight distribution, feeling my feet ground down into the earth and spreading my toes to increase my base of support that really centers me.

What do you love the most about AntiGravity®?

I love all the classes I teach; FUNdamentals, Flying Fitness, and Restorative; but my favorite would have to be Restorative. Anyone can do it and get the feeling of support. For me, it’s powerful to observe students becoming curious about their bodies, turn upside down, be refreshed and then open new possibilities. Combining the ANYA cueing system with my Restorative class connects all the dots for me; it made me a stronger teacher with a distinctive voice, both within my AG classes and in the Method classes. The clarity and need for safety in the AG classes helped me cement my skills in precision and focus, while being playful and energetic.

What’s on your playlist?

I love chanting, and earth bound sounds with an aboriginal feel – like Xavier Rudd’s music and the didgeridoo.

What do you want to give out to the world?

I want to give out body awareness–knowing your body and what it needs to thrive. I also want to help people feel positive change by flushing toxins and negativity. This to me relates to a connection with food, and the secret ingredient of Love. That despite how much we have around us, you can find what you are looking for within you already. I believe I have learned to feel space, like a magic I hold in my hands, a light that I want to grow, sustain, and abundantly share with others.