Wherever you are is the entry point. – Kabir

True calm can’t be forced. It’s not about dimming down intensity, shutting off emotions or stifling your fullest expression. That would be like telling the ocean to settle down. In many ways, the popular slogan, Keep Calm and Carry On, is easier said than done, calling our attention deeper to a serene place within, unscathed by life’s daily fluctuations.

The good news, wherever you are is the entry point to this serene place within. Each breath offers the opportunity to access inner calm by tuning in to the inherent flow of life moving through your whole body. Like an ocean of strength, as powerful and trustworthy as the moving tides, every inhale and exhale delivers new possibilities and builds a bridge between the shore and the horizon.

Many wise beings believe we can mimic the wisdom of the sea by lingering in the space between our breath. To explore this riddle, pause after your exhale, deepen the empty; this is your shoreline. Then, allow your next Inhale to be slow and sweet, stay full for a moment; this is your horizon. Feel into the expanse of your life force.

Tuning in to your breath may not provide immediate results, but over time, it will work. It takes practice. Even though we already breathe 20,000 times a day, the magic is somehow lost. We must rediscover the breath as medicine. Let your desire for more calm to be your motivation to dive deeper into your own strength, expand your reach, and explore the reservoir of options already available to you in your next breath.


Shape: Child’s Pose

Cues –

1. Come to all 4’s.

2. Sit hips back towards heels.

3. Rest forehead to the mat.

4. Equalize weight at feet, knees and brow.

5. Hold Child’s Pose for 8 deep breaths.

Modification: Place a block or bolster under forehead if it’s tough to rest sit bones on to heels. Also, for extra comfort place a folded blanket or bolster between back of thighs and calves for support.

Self-Care Benefit: Brings focus inward, tunes out external noise, and reminds you of your core strength. Takes you back to the womb. Calms mind, relieves anxiety, and/or stress. Often helps with insomnia or the inability to gain restful sleep.


Meditation Technique: Body Scan

On the Mat

1. In Child’s Pose, bring your attention to one body part at a time.

2. Begin by focusing on your hands. Then notice your feet, legs, hips, ribs, shoulders, arms, neck and head.

3. Take a deep breath into all of these places within you. And, then, sigh, releasing tension and bringing comfort and relief to your whole body.


Off the Mat

1. Anytime throughout your day, while moving or still.

2. Take 20-30 seconds to think about one body part at a time: hands, feet, legs, hips, ribs, shoulders, arms, neck and head.

3. Take 3 deep breaths.

Self-Care Benefit: The Body Scan Technique inspires gratitude for your whole body. By acknowledging each part of your body, you create a spirit of appreciation for the many facets of your whole being. You also strengthen the connection between your mind and body, activate a meditative state, and cultivate gratitude for the present moment.


Essential Oil: Lavender  (Lavandula angustifolia)

Aromatherapy Technique: https://www.essentialbodywisdom.com/create-aromatherapy-rituals/ 

Self-Care Benefits: Lavender oil has the ability to calm and stabilize the Chi of the Heart – and it works to calm any strong emotions whose potential is to overwhelm the mind. According to herbalist Peter Holmes, lavender is both “habit-breaker and crisis smoother.” Calm composure and and ease of self-expression are its calling card.


Mantra: Soham


Technique: Silently recite this mantra in your mind 8x. You can say them all at once or spread it out through your day.

Self-Care Benefit: The sounds of Soham flow seamlessly with our breath cycle. Inhale; so. Exhale; Ham (hum) to deepen your conscious connection with your breath and gain greater concentration and calm.


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