I dwell in possibility. – Emily Dickinson

When we’re inspired, we dwell in possibility. Our imagination joins forces with our heart and our breath expands. Enthusiasm, determination and clarity flow freely.

Driven by a creative spark, our soul speaks through our words and ignites a meaningful momentum. Our perspective expands as our focus sharpens and our actions exude purpose, clarity and perseverance.

We may not know exactly what’s to come, but we meet the mystery with a spirit of intrigue. Sourced by joy and gratitude, abundance abounds and life is a buoyant adventure.



Shape: Bridge

Cues –

1. Lay on your mat, knees bent, feet flat on the floor-  sit bones distance apart.

2. Press arms by sides and enliven hands into the mat.

3. Lift lower, middle and upper back off the mat.

4. Equalize weight at feet, hands, elbows and upper back.

Optional: interlace fingers and press baby finger side of the hands into the mat to open chest broader and lift hips higher.

Modification: Place a block underneath the sacrum for a supported bridge or lower hips.  

Self-Care Benefit: Attune your chakras, strengthen your core, and stimulate abdominal organs and thyroid glands, improving digestion and enhancing regulation of vital energy and metabolism.


Meditation Technique: Centerline

On the Mat

1. In Bridge, align your pubic bone, naval, breastbone, tip of nose and crown of head in one cohesive centerline.

2. Equalize weight (left and right) at your hands, feet, elbows, upper back and base of your skull.

3. Make this into a breathing exercise. Inhale; visualize centerline (align pubic bone to crown of head). Exhale; equalize weight left and right at hands and feet. Repeat for 5 Breath cycles.


Off the Mat

1. Anytime throughout your day, pause and become still.

2. Take 20-30 seconds to align your big toes, inner ankle bones, inner knees, pubic bone, naval, breastbone, tip of nose and crown of head.

3. Imagine breathing along this central channel. Take 3 deep breaths. Inhale; inspire and ascend. Exhale; soften and descend.

Self-Care Benefit: The Centerline Technique creates an intentional center channel, aligning our chakras, re-calibrating frequencies and opening up space for vital energy to flow.



Essential Oil: Laurel (Laurus nobilis)

Aromatherapy Technique: https://www.essentialbodywisdom.com/create-aromatherapy-rituals/  

Self-Care Benefit: Laurel was dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of light, poetry, and prophecy. Laurel oil works by stimulating inspiration and creative boldness. It stimulates both the “rational” and “higher” mind, and its fresh, spicy scent elevates the spirit and ignites our inner vision.



Mantra: Aum Aim Srim Saraswataye Namaha


Technique: Silently recite this mantra in your mind 8x. You can say them all at once or spread it out through your day.

Self-Care Benefit: Om & Salutations to Saraswati,she who offers of blessings of inspiration, creativity and knowledge.



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