If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you. – Kabir

Truth is authenticity. In those courageous moments, when you connect deeply with your personal story, free of shame, blame and fear, the humble, sweet, most powerful you, emerges. Trust in that voice. Nurture intimacy with yourself above all else. Welcome your whole experience (thoughts, feelings, emotions and choices) into your heart. Honestly assess all the factors that make you, you.

Truth is integrity. Hold your head high even in the wake of regret. Choose to learn from your mistakes, practice forgiveness and do better next time. Don’t damn your crutches. Do seek ways to grow out of them. Set high ethical standards, but, release the need to harshly judge or over-analyze those who don’t meet them. Too much time spent on changing others only exhausts your own reserves. Instead, lead by example. Not to be better than or right. Simply emulate your ideals for your own sake.

Truth is receptivity. Be curious, discerning and honest with yourself and others, if only to free yourself of guilt, worry and the heavy echo of resentment and false pretense. Greet each experience as a form of entertainment, stay light and resilient. And remember, you are born of brilliance, and it’s your birthright to unabashedly shine.


Shape: Rest

Cues –

1. Lie on your mat.

2. Extend and externally rotate legs and rest arms by your sides – palms facing up.

3. Allow yourself to fully rest into the mat. Close your eyes.

4. Hold for 3 minutes.

5. Breathe naturally.

Modification: Place blanket underneath head or bolster under the knees.

Self-Care Benefit: Induce deep relaxation and a full body reset to reduce stress headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. You’ll deepen your meditative state and heighten awareness- key elements for listening to your instincts, intuition, and inner wisdom.


Meditation Technique: Heart Warmer

On the Mat

 1. In Rest, join hands in eastern prayer and friction the hands for 10 seconds to create heat.

2. Bring hands to stillness and place left hand over your heart, followed by the right.

3. Feel the warmth of your hands, comfort your heart.

4. Inhale; gently expand the chest and upper back. Exhale; relax deeper into the mat.

5. Repeat for 8 breath cycles.


Off the Mat

1. Take a few moments, anytime throughout your day, while standing, seated or lying down.

2. Friction your hands for 10 seconds.

3. Place your hands over your heart.

4. Take a few deep breaths and honor your heart.

Self-Care Benefit: The hands are the eyes of our felt sense, the language of the heart and center for wisdom. Heartwarmer brings our awareness to the physical location of the heart, adds warmth, comfort, and illumination- encouraging our breath to expand into our deepest knowledge, clarity, and truth.


Essential Oil: Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) PLEASE USE ETHICALLY HARVESTED OIL

Aromatherapy Technique: https://www.essentialbodywisdom.com/create-aromatherapy-rituals/ 

Self-Care Benefits: Frankincense encourages tranquility, insight, and spiritual self-discipline, and aides the “ego-self” and the “transpersonal” self to work in unison. Frankincense oil rekindles the “inner light” of the mind.


Mantra: Sat Nam


Self-Care Benefits: Sat Nam is a seed mantra often used in Kundalini practices. In Sanskrit, Sat = Truth & Nam = Name. “Truth is my essential nature.” Like the meditation technique “neti neti”, not this -not this, the vibrations of Sat Nam reveal our blind spots or areas of adhesions that block our essential nature from shining through. As a result of this clarity, we’re empowered to change our faulty thinking, remove the blind spots and authenticate our inner dialogue.


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