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Big News! ANYA is Moving

To Our Wonderful Clients, It is both exciting and bittersweet to share with you a new chapter of our business. As more and more people discover the healing benefits of our unique approach to yoga, Pilates and aerial yoga, our community continues to expand and flourish. While this growth indicates beautiful progress it also poses challenges to the building, mainly, a daily strain on the elevator system and facilities. After [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 7: TRUTH

If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you. - Kabir Truth is authenticity. In those courageous moments, when you connect deeply with your personal story, free of shame, blame and fear, the humble, sweet, most powerful you, emerges. Trust in that voice. Nurture intimacy with yourself above all else. Welcome your whole experience (thoughts, feelings, emotions [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 6: PEACE

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. - Buddha Peace, like forgiveness, cannot be rushed. Resentment, guilt, hurt and worry are notorious roadblocks to achieving peace of mind. Whenever we spin off into polarized thinking – that inner debate about right or wrong – we lose sight of the present moment. We alienate ourselves from the body and get stuck in our mind. The path to peace begins [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 5: INSPIRE

I dwell in possibility. - Emily Dickinson When we’re inspired, we dwell in possibility. Our imagination joins forces with our heart and our breath expands. Enthusiasm, determination and clarity flow freely. Driven by a creative spark, our soul speaks through our words and ignites a meaningful momentum. Our perspective expands as our focus sharpens and our actions exude purpose, clarity and perseverance. We may not know exactly what’s to come, [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 4: SURRENDER

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. - Julia Cameron To a culture who likes to win, the idea of surrender seems, well, lazy, or at best, a letdown. In some instances, this mainstream mindset couldn’t be farther from the truth. There comes a point when pushing forward hits a wall, we plateau and even get set back. Stuck points can happen in our creative process, relationships, [...]

7-Day Self-Care Challenge, Day 3: BALANCE

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. - Rumi Timing is everything. To unlock your ultimate potential, get in sync with your internal rhythm, and listen to how your body and breath intuitively know when and how to hold on and let go. Each inhale silently synchronizes with each exhale. There’s no battle over which one is more important; the decision making is largely governed by our [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 2: PRESENCE

Be here now. ― Ram Dass Presence is the essence of life. It’s more than just showing up. It happens any time we fully embrace the moment, as it is. Nothing to change, improve, avoid or fear -- simply, be here now, in all your innate glory and humanness. There are many instances when we’re not able to be present. We may show up on time, check all of our [...]

7-Day Self-Care Yoga Challenge, Day 1: CALM

Wherever you are is the entry point. - Kabir True calm can’t be forced. It’s not about dimming down intensity, shutting off emotions or stifling your fullest expression. That would be like telling the ocean to settle down. In many ways, the popular slogan, Keep Calm and Carry On, is easier said than done, calling our attention deeper to a serene place within, unscathed by life’s daily fluctuations. The good [...]

ANYA Self-Care Yoga & Meditation Challenge!

'Tis the season to be merry … and, well, for many of us, stressed, drained, and on edge. The holidays are filled with gifts, gatherings, and positive intentions, but they also come with a lot of pressure to be upbeat even when we’re just not feelin’ it. By prioritizing self-care, we can cultivate the stamina and grace we need to enjoy this meaningful time of year. To help you put [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Shannon Swift

What is your movement history?  From a very young age I expressed myself through dance and participated in various sports. I had dabbled in yoga, taking my first yoga class with my mom when I was 4 years old. However, I didn't start a routine practice of yoga and pilates until I came to ANYA, where I fell in love with learning more about myself and practicing self-care. What's your [...]