Featured ANYA Teacher: Shannon Swift

What is your movement history?  From a very young age I expressed myself through dance and participated in various sports. I had dabbled in yoga, taking my first yoga class with my mom when I was 4 years old. However, I didn't start a routine practice of yoga and pilates until I came to ANYA, where I fell in love with learning more about myself and practicing self-care. What's your [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Nicole Varrone

What is your Movement History? As a child I explored many different movement activities, one after another: ballet, Tae Kwan Do, then swimming, always moving on to the next. Then in my teens, I shifted my attention to becoming a Chef--I bussed tables and then worked as a line cook in Cooperstown NY. At the time I also explored music. I played piano, which helped me discover finger dexterity and [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Erin Dillon

What is your movement history? I started dancing when I was 3, and trained primarily in classical ballet. In college, I delved into modern and contemporary dance and felt an instant connection because it allowed me more freedom to express myself. Ballet made me used to black and white rules, but modern dance broke down those barriers and created space to explore movement on a deeper and more intuitive level. [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Jana Hicks

What’s your movement history? Dance was a big part of my childhood. I studied ballet, tap, and jazz and dreamt of being a ballerina and dance teacher. I think I always knew dance would be my life. I started studying modern dance when I was a teenager. I was fascinated by the flowing, free quality. I went on to study dance at Southern Methodist University where I continued to fall [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Michael Leu Becker

What is your movement history? As a child, I was on the go, curious about everything and loved to explore. I had a propensity to wander off on my own and discover the world around me. I especially loved nature. I kept busy with non-stop climbing, swinging and mostly anything that allowed me to connect with and observe the way things move. It wasn’t until I was 25, however, that [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Molly Rappold

What is your movement history? I have been dancing my whole life. I started dancing when I was 3 years old. What was your first experience of Yoga and Pilates? When I was 16 I took some yoga classes as a way to cross train for dance but I felt a lot of strain in my low back and my joints so I stopped going. There was not enough attention [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Laura Merkel

What’s your movement history? I’ve been a dancer my whole life. I started when I was three and was hooked. When I started getting more serious about dance in high school and college, I decided it was time to really understand how the body works. I took anatomy, physiology and kinesiology classes and found it impacted my movement practices immensely. Over the years, I began practicing yoga and pilates as [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Christina Tewes

Which ANYA classes do you teach? I teach Strength yoga, MODS and REST. I also am trained In ANYA Bodywork. I recently got certified in Antigravity Fundamentals and Decompression and look forward to adding these classes to my teaching schedule soon. Which ANYA class is your favorite and why? Strength yoga is my favorite class to teach. I enjoy pushing my students to new extremes and helping them find their [...]

Featured ANYA Teacher: Sasha Smith

What classes are you teaching? I started off teaching one class 2 days a week, and now it’s every single day! Since I began, it grew and developed and now I’m teaching ANYA Pilates, MODS, ANYA Yoga, AntiGravity fundamentals. ANYA Yoga and AntiGravity fundamentals are my newest classes. What’s your favorite class to teach? I love them all for different reasons. Pilates and Strength classes, when you can see people [...]

Give + Receive with Every Breath

At the core of existence, each breath we take represents our relationship with giving and receiving. Our ability to take in and let go hinges on life experiences and on dispositions encoded in the womb. Many of life’s challenges have to do with lessons in reciprocity. This flow of give and take energy exists between opposites and not just polarity pairs but all relational elements in the universe. Like any [...]