It is my passion and calling to help others fall in love with the art of conscious living as a unique expression of their soul.

I grew up as the child who saw the sky a few shades different than the common eye. For a while, I described the colors just as they appeared, but over time, I learned it was much easier to describe it like everyone else. The same would be true for things I smelled, heard, touched, and tasted. What I know now as heightened sensibilities or embodied intuition, back then, made me feel alienated and alone.

I spent many years struggling to be “normal” when what I truly longed for was to be valued and understood for my style of sensing the world. In response to this primal desire for “be-longing” I created a method for wholeness devoted to the cultivation of the “Soul Sense” through Mind + Body fitness. Over the years, ANYA, as a philosophy of movement, has become a gateway and guidebook for daily self-care and sacred connection for individuals and communities worldwide.


Movement has been a means of expression for me since a very young age. I performed in my first dance recital at age two and continued formal studies in various training programs throughout NYC. Since receiving my BFA in Performance and Choreography from LIU-Brooklyn, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in various dance companies both in NYC and abroad.

In 2010, my perspective on movement as a means of expression shifted slightly. Movement became a means of healing. I began studying yoga at ANYA with the intention of supplementing western medical treatment for an autoimmune condition with a more holistic approach to wellness. The ANYA Method has helped me heal mind, body and spirit over and over again. I am honored to be able to share and teach this method for wholeness and healing everyday.

I am 500 hour ANYA RYT Certified. I have also completed ANYA Pilates Mat, ANYA Pilates Equipment, Core, Lila and Healer Trainings, along with extensive one-to-one training with ANYA Founder, Courtney Bauer. I am a Level 5 Certified AntiGravity® Teacher and 2-Star Instructor Trainer, as well as Program Director for AntiGravity Pilates.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl


Victoria Yoffie is board certified holistic health coach and wellness professional with over 13 years of experience in integrating a combination of mind, body, nutrition and healing disciplines into personalized programs for her clients.

Blending cutting edge nutritional science and psychology from the West with ancient healing and health principles from the East, Victoria addresses the habits, influences and conditions that impede progress. Emphasis is placed on goal setting and personalized support – guiding clients as they take a series of small steps to reach sustainable health, weight, and wellness goals.

Victoria is the founder and creator of Yoffie Life.


Seeing through the lens as an ANYA Observologist, Philosopher, Seeker, Artist, Diviner and Healer, I experience ANYA as a haven for dynamic physical and mental exploration with the highest degree of specificity and inquiry.  However, the scope of ANYA reaches far beyond its physical boundaries and is at its core a blueprint for practicing mindfulness and coming back to the present moment over and over again.  ANYA is about harnessing a physical and mental prowess that is flexible and strong for the purpose of tuning in and connecting to your highest potential.  At first, the curiosity and intrigue is in attaining and maintaining a degree of physical fitness.  Sooner or later, the mind becomes involved in the growth process, and the entire practice of ANYA blossoms into every single facet of your life, from simply changing the way you walk down to the street to how you interact with your family/friends and co-workers.  Through the different faculties of movement, we begin to explore how we embody our Selves fully in body, mind, spirit, from simply bringing our intention/attention to breath or to witnessing the incessant sea of thoughts that pass in and out of our minds each moment.

For me, ANYA surpasses the realm of physical health and well-being and offers a more profound visceral mind+body investigation that  can only be experienced in action.  T.S Eliot best sums up the process of mind+body exploration in The Little Gidding “ We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time…”  And as I travel through Asia teaching, I continually use ANYA to re-explore and re-evaluate through a microscopic lens, the how’s and why’s of the human condition: why we are the way we are, so that we can author our own changes and write our own destiny.


Brennan Energy Healing Practitioner

Coming from a yoga background, it was a natural step for me to explore other practices along the way. As I navigated the wonders of yoga, I became increasingly interested in the healing arts and received a Reiki attunement in 2007. The following year, my journey landed me at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and graduated in 2012. I learned that healing is an act of non-resistance, of surrendering to the joys and challenges of being human and remembering who we are. Healing is the journey back home.

As a Brennan Energy Healing Science Practitioner I hold space for the client, only to reflect back their humanity.

In a healing session, we explore areas that influence the client’s state of well-being, such as health history, life stressors, belief systems, family and childhood history, and relationships. Everything is confidential. Hands-on healing techniques balance, clear, and charge the energy system.

“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass