Project Description

Corey Bader

Strength Yoga Teacher

As a photo retoucher with a BFA in advertising photography from Rochester Institute of Photography, I have a great deal of experience absorbing and modifying the human body in a very visual and superficial way. However, I am increasingly interested in a deeper understanding of how the body moves, works and changes.spacerWhen I decided to pursue this interest by training in yoga, I quickly found my home at ANYA. Despite having no previous background in movement or bodywork, I was accepted here without question. I hope to translate that acceptance into all of my classes. With 500 hours of yoga teacher training in the ANYA Method under my belt, I’m now just as comfortable in front of a class as I am behind a camera!spacerI’m also trained in Rest Yoga, a practice which has made a significant difference in my life and has helped me deal with my general anxiety disorder, as well as, ulcerative colitis and all of the stresses that come along with living in this city!

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