Project Description


ANYA Founder, Creator of Curriculum AUM

It is my passion to help others fall in love with the art of conscious living by celebrating the body as a divine instrument. I believe a simple (and steady) practice of yogic techniques can inspire profound physical and spiritual transformation–bringing a heightened sense of joy, creativity and peace into daily life.

I created Curriculum AUM (the guidebook of the ANYA classes) as part of a personal pilgrimage. I grew up as that child who saw the sky a few shades different than the common eye. For a while, I described the colors just as they appeared, but over time, I learned it was much easier to describe it like everyone else. The same would be true for things I smelled, heard, touched, and tasted. What I know now as heightened sensibilities, back then, made me feel like an outsider.

I spent many years struggling to be “normal” when what I truly longed for was to be valued for my style of sensing the world. In response to this primal desire for belonging, I codified a mind + body curriculum to systematically teach myself and others how to appreciate various points of view through focusing on body awareness.

Over the years, my teachings have been applied to many domains as a pioneering blueprint for intuitive evolution. By highlighting the physical and activating a meditative state, my curriculum inspires unity–connecting the hearts of individuals and communities worldwide.

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