Project Description


AntiGravity®, Pilates Equipment Teacher

Growing up, I was always involved in organized physical activities through sports and dance. I realize now, as an adult, that I’ve always been drawn to movement as a way to focus and better direct my excessive energy. When I was diagnosed with a chronic auto immune disease about ten years ago, western medicine treated my acute condition, but it was movement and meditation that helped me manage my symptoms and heal my mind and body in the long term. I was fortunate enough to come across the ANYA method–a dynamic meditation practice that combined my love for movement through Yoga & Pilates with mindfulness and self-care practices. A continuously unpredictable state of disease gradually turned into my ability to manage my symptoms and eventually achieve wellness.

I have since developed this life practice into a career as a teacher of the ANYA Method. I am a certified Yoga, Pilates & AntiGravity® Fitness Teacher and have taught throughout NYC and abroad. I am currently the Director of Training & Development at ANYA and an Instructor Trainer with AntiGravity® Fitness. I continue to pursue my love of dance as a professional performer based in NYC.

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