Project Description


ANYA Teacher

Coming from a dance/yoga/pilates/massage therapy/Reiki background, the AUM curriculum for me is a perfect synergy of all of these studies.  It is an investigation that begins with the physical body and works its way deeper to the inner and more subtle body, cracking open treasure troves of information you never knew existed within.  In the fullest of ways, an education of mind/body/spirit.

My favorite faculty right now (although it is everchanging) would be #5, The Seeker.  There is something deep lies within in the cross overs and center-seeking ribs that I’ve just been obsessed with lately, it is very healing to me and I feel my sense and knowledge of center becoming stronger than ever.

ANYA for me is a place where I can explore, work hard, relax, learn, teach, trust, and grow, taking breaks to meditate in the meditation room or make some green tea in the kitchen.  It is serene and peaceful and a little sanctuary on 24th street that I am thankful to be a part of.

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