Private Sessions

Sculpt, balance and enlighten your whole body.

Invest in your health and longevity; take your fitness to the next level by learning how to meditate. Integrating the best of Yoga, Pilates and Thai massage, our private sessions will strengthen, restore and heal your whole body. Our one on one work focuses on subtle adjustments in your alignment to sculpt your shape, activate a meditative state of mind, optimize breathing and awaken your full potential.

Anya Meditation Teachers are 500 hour Registered Yoga Teachers, Anya Bodyworkers and Energy Healers who specialize in Fitness Meditation, an active style of conscious movement and breathing practice offered as a 3-part change process. Trusted guides for your wellness journey, they’ll lead you step by step, through a vigorous and progressive practice of strength, restorative and healing sessions. A combination of their unparalleled expertise and your specific self-care goals will shape your exclusive program.

A Three Session Introduction

Strengthen, Rest and Heal.

This package is perfect for a beginner or anyone looking to experience a taste of our three part change process.

Experience a private strength, restore and heal session to feel for yourself how our exclusive approach to meditation sculpts and tones your body, induces physical and mental relaxation and helps alleviate pain.

Upon completion, meet with a wellness coach to access your personal goals and customize a program designed exclusively for you.

$345 full price – offered at $300

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Strength Meditation

Get Sculpted.

“Move and the way will open.” – Zen Proverb

Get stronger, feel lighter and look amazing. Whether you prefer Yoga, Pilates or AntiGravity Fitness, strength meditation weaves together dynamic movement and conscious breath for total body conditioning.

In a sixty minute session our master teachers guide you through a rigorous movement program that challenges every bone and muscle in your body. Our innovative combination of fitness and meditation and a focus on alignment, core and breath techniques makes these sessions stand out as the best way to sculpt your body. Each sculpting session ends with facilitated stretches and a supported rest pose to leave you feeling fully charged for your day.

This meditation is best for those of you looking to sweat, get strong, toned and more aligned for a long and lean body.

-60 minutes

Single Sculpting Session (15 day expiration): $115

5 Session Pack (30 day expiration): $550

10 Session Pack (60 day expiration): $1,035

20 Session Pack (90 day expiration): $1,955

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Restorative Meditation

Find Center.

“Action is born of stillness.” – Lao Tzu

Relieve stress and tension and feel calm, rested and rejuvenated. Restorative meditation is a nurturing and introspective practice that will help you to feel like yourSELF again.

In a seventy five minute session our master teachers guide you through a gentle warm-up and guided meditation followed by a series of rest shapes supported by blocks, blankets, bolsters or the AntiGravity hammock. With the additional support of Reiki and aromatherapy our goal is to help you find a deep sense of relaxation.

Designed to balance your nervous system and remind you what it feels like to release and rest, these sessions are for those seeking relief from stress and pain and who seek greater physical and emotional balance.

-60 minutes

Single Restorative Session: $115

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Healing Meditation

Transcend Limits.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” – Rumi

Purify your whole body, remove physical roadblocks and optimize movement efficiency. Healing meditation is an active style of detox that aligns bones, boosts circulation and cleanses muscles and connective tissue.

In a seventy five minute session our master teachers will facilitate a comprehensive routine of Thai bodywork inspired exercises that are designed to liquify tension, improve breath capacity and alleviate chronic pain. With the additional support of Hands On Toning (HOT Techniques), our goal is to help you discover the power of conscious movement, breathing and tactile feedback as a formula for self-healing.

Designed to activate vital energy in the body, these sessions are for those seeking more flexibility and openness and who are ready for deep transformation and healing.

-60 minutes

Single Healing Session: $115

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