Private Sessions

Get stronger, feel lighter and look amazing. Invest in your health and longevity; take your fitness to the next level by learning how to meditate through movement. Whether you prefer Yoga, Pilates or Aerial Yoga, our private sessions will strengthen, restore and heal your whole body. Our one on one work focuses on subtle adjustments in your alignment to activate your core strength, increase flexibility, optimize breathing and awaken your inner zen.spacer

Normally $115, receive your first private session for $75!
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In a Yoga session you’ll move through a vigorous series of Yoga shapes that will challenge every bone and muscle in your body. Our innovative combination of touchwork, breath awareness and alignment techniques will maximize your fitness level and radically improve your sense of well-being. Each session ends with facilitated stretches and a supported rest pose to leave you feeling fully charged for your day. -55 minutes.


In a Pilates session you’ll move through a series of challenging exercises on the Reformer and Chair sure to make you sweat! Our signature touchwork and focus on precision and alignment will get you in the best shape, sculpting long and lean muscles while increasing your physical and mental endurance. Each session will end with mat exercises to fine tune your core strength and stability. -55 minutes.

Aerial Yoga

In a private Aerial Yoga session our ANYA Teachers will guide you in the Harrison Hammock at your own pace. You’ll get a total body workout with a focus on strength and agility. Whether you’re a first time flyer learning the basics or a frequent flyer looking to take your practice to the next level, expect to feel at ease with inversions, activate your core, decompress the spine and improve vitality. -55 minutes.