Project Posture-wide


“There are moments when, whatever the posture of the body, the soul is on its knees.”

Victor Hugo


What is Project Posture?

Studio Anya presents Project Posture as an evolutionary campaign for the revitalization of beauty, wisdom and grace. Project Posture has four paths: Project LEARN, Project TEACH, Project AUM and Project HEAL. From self- study to purpose-driven fitness to revelational storytelling and artistic expression, Project Posture touches the heart and soul of positive change and healing.

Learn & Teach AUM, Heal.

Project Learn1

Project LEARN

Earn rewards for taking care of yourself! Looking and feeling great are not the only incentives for getting in shape. Complete a 108 day journey of a Mind + Body Fitness routine customized just for you on and receive Free private sessions at Studio Anya as our gift to you for taking charge of your health and well-being!

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Project TEACH1

Project TEACH

To combat avidya, engage the solution & join the intuitive evolution! Ignite your inner Boddhisattva with a weekend immersion training on how to teach a simple routine of Mindfulness Techniques to your neighbors, friends and co-workers. Receive weekly mentoring classes at Studio Anya and!

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Project AUM1

Project AUM

Studio Anya considers ART to be a supreme catalyst for positive change! Project AUM creates opportunities for D.ynamic A.nd N.atural C.ore E.xpression through Anya-inspired workshops, live performances and the Sage Blog. We empower young artists with like-minded education through the Project AUM scholarship program.

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Project HEAl1

Project HEAL

Studio Anya deeply appreciates the tireless work provided by those individuals who have dedicated their lives to a career in (Non-Profit) Human Services. To express our gratitude, we offer Free Monthly Bodywork Clinics, Guided Meditation and on-going discounts for all of our classes. Studio Anya takes care of the care-giver.

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Why Project Posture?

Humankind struggles with a long list of symptoms. Stress related health problems are far too common. Seated- chair victims and forward- head monkey minds are the norm. Tight hamstrings, tense shoulders, aching backs, leg cramps, allergies, insomnia, GI conditions and obesity are only a few examples that prove stress is not just in our head. As technology advances at ever increasing speed, habituated stuckness has got our full attention. Albeit a bit harsh, Albert Einstein spoke the truth: “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

It’s time to humanize the digital age.

No matter how we look at it, human existence is anything but simple. There are as many atoms in a single cell as stars in the sky. And, with trillions of cells in our bodies alone – we’re literally composed of an empyrean expanse. We are complicated creatures living in complex times. But, as deciding beings – anything is possible.

It’s time to re-write the meaning of “History repeats itself”.

Let’s combat modern malaise by studying the ancient wisdom teachings from a here and now perspective. Our thoughts and feelings make or break us. To tap into our personal and collective potential we must tune our instruments: The Mind and the Body. Sure, sounds new age, but Yogis knew this thousands of years ago and many inspirational leaders have lived it by example.

It’s time to get inspired and reclaim our potential.

Since the beginning of time, we’ve been making magic. When we put our hearts to something we care about, anything is possible. Get involved in Project Posture and mobilize awareness about wisdom, compassion and grace through Mind + Body education. Action a Stance by getting in shape, model a stature of positive change and healing, practice mindfulness as a new sacred hobby and C.ultivate A. L.iving M.editation as a top priority. As more and more people come together to study Curriculum AUM, either at Studio Anya or on the Sagebook — an aura of well-being will go viral, oops — we mean, go spiral into the core of humanity.

It’s time to share the light!

A Few Great Examples of Change Agents

And, well, just look how Facebook has influenced everyday history…

For more examples check out our Care Counsel on The Sagebook. Anya’s acumen advisors, comprised of 76 beloved sages who made the world a better place. Ambassadors from the Arts & Sciences and everything in between, these true blue All-Stars are venerable role models for all generations to study and adore.

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