Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one.”

Stella Adler

Project AUM

A. U.niversal M.oment

Project AUM is an education initiative developed by Studio Anya and Perceptions Dance in 2012. This collaboration, utilizing Studio Anya’s Curriculum AUM, creates accessibility of dance to non-dancers and dancers alike. To bridge the gap between fitness and dance, we offer dynamic and dance-inspired workshops designed to help all movers to improve posture, alignment and core strength. Using the techniques and principles of Curriculum AUM to support the creation of visual and performing arts — Project AUM invites all aspects of the Self to engage the creative process.

Using open classes, workshops,, social networking, media and live performance, Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya create ways to bring the wisdom of Curriculum AUM to people of all ages and backgrounds through the gift of Anya-inspired works of art.

A vision for positive change and healing.
Universal in proportion but deeply personal by design.
Moment by moment, Anya inspires grace: Art as Dance.

A.bstraction R.eveals T.ruth as D.ynamic A.nd N.atural C.ore E.xpression



Live Performances

Project AUM is all about creating and telling stories through the lens of Curriculum AUM’s intuitive facutlies, and live performances are just one aspect of Project AUM’s creation process. A collaboration between Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya, Project AUM live performances aim to bring Curriculum AUM to life through contemporary movement.  Perceptions Dance is currently the resident dance company at Studio Anya.

AncientSmallFirst Performance:

Thursday April 18th, 2013
The Secret Theater
Long Island City, NY

More performances coming soon!


Workshop Schedule

All workshops take place at Studio Anya in New York, NY. Each workshop explores Curriculum AUM via dance through the interpretive lens of the instructor. Workshops are free or low-cost for participants interested in exploring how Curriculum AUM relates to dance and movement.

Each workshop guides somatic exploration as a gentle probe into the relationship between Energy, Emotion and the Mind + Body Dialogue. Through a series of 22 Tag Phrases ranging from Enliven the Hands to Trust the Heart, each workshop will explore different themes like Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Beauty, through pathways opened by Curriculum AUM techniques.

Many of the workshops are recorded via video to catalogue trends in gestural improvisation, study connections between ideas and movement and to inspired choreography for our Live performances.

Upcoming Workshops

Tag Phrases: Imagery in Action

With Oscar Trujillo & Sarah Sadie Newett

June 22nd, 2013

Have you heard “Enliven the hands”, “Organize the Shoulders” or “Engage the Ribs” in class and been confused or unsure about how to make these things happen or why they are important? If you wish to ‘get it’ more and deepen your work in any Anya class and beyond, then “Tag Phrases: Imagery in Action,” is for you.

Join Sarah Sadie Newett and Oscar Trujillo to dig into Curriculum AUM’s rich language. Tag phrases: Imagery in Action is a personalized tour of the structure and function of your own blueprint through these original and accessible ANYA teaching techniques. We’ll delve deeper into the Anya Signature Mods and Lila classes to put these techniques into play.

Whether you are an experienced student or new to Studio Anya, we’ll familiarize you with the theoretical purpose and physical function rooted in each tag phrase to yield lasting positive change. Through targeted application of these quick statements, specific regions and the entire body are simultaneously awakened and changed. Investigate how these tag phrases and the anatomical landmarks they target can support your fitness goals, transformation and healing.

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Past Project AUM Workshops include:

Tag Phrase Workshop #1
with Kate Enright, guest workshop artist
March 30th, 2012

Enliven the Hands
with Courtney Bauer
April 27th, 2012

Ground the Feet
with Courtney Bauer
July 27th, 2012

Individuate the Legs
with Courtney Bauer
August 16th, 2012

You, Me, We
A Partnering Workshop with Sarah Sadie Newett, Oscar Trujillo & Courtney Bauer
Saturday April 20th, 2013


The Sage Blog

Project AUM contributes to Project Posture regularly with contributions to the Sage Blog. Check out the latest posts, videos and artistic contributions as we explore AUM through the ARTS.

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