“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.”

– Buddha

Project HEAL

H.armonizing E.nergy A.nd L.ight

Studio Anya presents Project HEAL an outreach program designed for front line care-givers working in non-profit organizations. We understand that a career in Human Services is oftentimes not a financially rewarding path and yet demands stamina and support. The cumulative effect of front line work can take a toll on energy reserves.

The Project HEAL mission is to provide a safe and reliable space for service providers to find respite, support and replenishment. We have designed a Self-Care Package based on Studio Anya’s unique Mind + Body Curriculum to address the build up of stress associated with empathy fatigue and burnout.

Harmonize the discord through gentle and loving touch.
Energy is what we all have in common to the core.
And what brings us closer together in feelings beyond words.
Light is the result. Beautiful, incandescent light shared in moments of real connection.

Self-Care Package

The Project HEAL Self-Care Package makes self-care more accessible through the following offerings: a free monthly Bodywork Clinic, a free monthly guided meditation class called HEAL, and significant discounts on all of our Yoga and Pilates classes and Wellness Workshops.


Free Bodywork Clinic:

Throughout history, the healing power of touch has played a significant role in every culture. Touch is the first language we learn and plays a significant role in the level of well-being we sustain through out life. We are constantly bombarded by the noise and haste of modern living. Without even knowing it, our bodies defend us from these intrusions by creating shields and armor. This on-going defense mechanism takes up a lot of energy and leaves a trail of tears of its own. Over time, we get more and more stiff, tight and on guard.

It has been shown that gentle touch literally secretes happiness (Oxytocin hormone), soothes the wear and tear of daily stress and restores equilibrium to the whole system. Project HEAL makes healing touch more accessible.

Each Month, Studio Anya offers gentle healing touch in the form of a free 30 minute Thai-Bodywork sessions to those front-line Care Providers who give to others on a daily basis. We are so grateful for your dedicated service and would like to offer some TLC in return for all that you do. Email cecilia@studioanya.com to reserve your spot in the next Bodywork Clinic. Let us know your place of employment so we can verify your hard work!

Next Clinics:
Saturday June 2, 2013, 1:30pm – 4:30pm at Studio Anya


Free Guided Meditation Class:


“With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.” – William Wordsworth

H.armonize E.nergy A.nd L.ight –An integrative method influenced by Reiki and Neuro-muscular therapy, our Heal Workshop focuses on the development of visualization techniques designed to restore and fortify the nervous system. Lying down comfortably on extra cushioned mats, knees supported by a comfy bolster, we settle in for a guided meditation or what many describe as a really awesome nap.

Come early and enjoy some tea, peruse our wellness library or cozy up in the massage chair. Studio Anya exudes an extra special energy on Sunday nights, soft and still, like a gentle embrace emanating from all around.

Next Workshop:
October 6th, 2013, 6:00-7:00pm at Studio Anya (Suggested donation of $10)

Can’t wait to try it out? Take HEAL online at TheSagebook.com


Significant Discounts!

Through Project Heal, Studio Anya offers a variety of affordable Yoga, Pilates, Reiki and Thai Massage inspired services for those individuals who have committed to a career path in Human Services in non-profit organizations.

40% Discount
on all Group Classes, Private Pilates, Yoga & Thai Bodywork Sessions

Single Group Class: $12 (was $20)
10 Group Classes: $108 (was $180)
20 Group Classes: $204 (was $340)

Single Private Session: $60 (was $100)
5 Private Sessions:$285  (was $475)
10 Private Sessions: $540 (was $900)
20 Private Sessions: $1044 (was $1740)

20% Discount
on all Semi-Privates Classes

Single Semi-Private: $28 (was $35)
5 Semi-Privates:$132 (was $165)
10 Semi-Privates: $248 (was $310)
20 Semi-Privates: $464 (was $580)


Contact Cecilia Cámara to schedule a Private appointment with an Anya Teacher or to sign up for a class

Learn More about Private Sessions
Learn More about Semi-Privates
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Project Heal is a new outreach program and we are asking for your feedback about how we can best shape our services to support your work. Tell us what you NEED: How can we best support your Non-Profit Organization? We can’t promise that we will be able to address all of these needs but we are very open to hearing in order to build bridges between the gaps.