“To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching.”

– Henri Frederic Amiel

Project TEACH

T.oward E.ducation A.nd Ch.ange

Like the idea of a book club but wish it was more dynamic? Eager to teach tried and true methods for postural alignment and core strength? Studio Anya, Curriculum AUM and The Sagebook will get you ready for action!  Attend a weekend immersion training to become a certified “Anya Ambassador” and we’ll get you started on how to sponsor a Sagebook Club to offer Yoga and Pilates gatherings in your home.

At Studio Anya, we believe that Mind + Body Education and Mindfulness-based Outreach are medicine for the universal soul. Humankind needs reminders, programs that lead us back to our true nature — to the “Wisdom Seat” at the center of our being. On some level, we are all innate Sages. Project Teach mobilizes this inherent potential at the core of humanity and awakens the voice of the Inner Teacher with the language of Yoga — Y.our O.mly G.ood A.nswer for an Intuitive Evolution!

Toward global healing we set our sights! Creating ways to mobilize the J.ewel O.f Y.oga with our loved ones, neighbors and co-workers.

Education-based outreach programs, taught by Yoga-loving volunteers campaigning for health and well-being.

And spreading the light of awareness through a simple routine of
mindfulness exercises.

CHange is inevitable, but Positive Change requires the willingness to adapt while remaining steadfast to core values.


Anya Ambassador Training

October 26th – 27th, 10 am – 5pm at Studio Anya

First, master a basic routine of “purposeful fidgets”,  “toners” and “top ten stretches” to enliven the Mind + Body connection. Next, learn how to teach this simple sequence of energizing exercises to a wide variety of students. We’ll make sure you get lots of guidance and direction about how to pique curiosity, understand anatomy, inspire exploration and translate concepts to varying group dynamics.

Now, go shape the future! Remember, to inspire presence — model the stature and lead by example.

Weekend Immersion Training (14 Anya CEUs)
3 months of Weekly Support/Guidance via email & skype

Tuition: $200

Includes Instruction Manual and 1 Year Membership of the Sagebook.com

How to apply:

Email your name, location, and why you’re interested in the Anya Ambassador Program to info@studioanya.com. We’ll review your email and get back to you asap!