The ANYA Teacher Training Program is a Wellness Education platform that blends the best of Eastern & Western movement and healing philosophies with bodywork and meditation. Capped at 14 students and taught by Courtney Bauer, ANYA founder, Victoria Yoffie, Yoffie Life Founder and Laura Colon, Master ANYA and AntiGravity Teacher, our program focuses on making you an effective teacher and educator and successful leader in wellness.
We take an innovative approach to fitness and meditation that is based on an integrative system of awareness tools, alignment techniques and breathing exercises to cultivate your body awareness and authentic teacher voice. ANYA Teachers stand out among the rest because they not only know their craft — they also know themselves.
Included in each training is access to classes at ANYA, mentoring from current ANYA teachers and an online study guide with instructional videos, audios, readings and classes.