30 Hour Certification

Learn how to teach a high energy, dance-inspired class that integrates Ballet Barre with upper -level faculty movements. Originally designed as the Yin to the Yang of Mods, Lila is a standing routine of fluid exercises that brings to life the softer side of Mind + Body fitness. This dynamic total-body workout can be taught in both a group, semi and private class format. Each class ends with a signature routine of Thai-bodywork exercises to ease tension and calm the mind. Lila is highly effective for weight loss, toning and flexibility as well as a perfect gateway for meditation practices.

  • Learn our signature movement vignettes for Faculties 13-19 as well as Ballet Barre exercises for warm-ups, toning, stretching and cool-downs.
  • Practice the Level 1-4 Cueing while learning to coordinate core movement, music and choreography.
  • Deepen understanding of Anatomical Assessments, Tag Phrases and Unconscious Utilities.
  • Strengthen vocal tonification and increase level of magnetism as an Anya Teacher.
  • Refine Tactile Feedback, Touchpoints and Touchwork during cool down and stretching.
  • Enrich personal resonance to lead powerful healing visualizations.

30 Hours: 12 Classroom Hours, 4 Practicum Hours, 6 Online Study Hours, 8 Community Teaching Hours


Next Training:

LILA Weekend Immersion

May 4th & 5th, 10am – 4pm

Friday, May 10th 1:00-5:00pm

Online Study Hours:
Completed by Wednesday, May 22nd via


  • Reservation deposit and training manual fees apply.

Open House Information Sessions: Please email to set up a private time to tour the studio and receive information about the Teacher Training Program.