Bring ANYA to your Workplace!

1. Invite your employees to enjoy 10-20% off all AntiGravity® and ANYA Method classes.

Refer your employees to come to any of our group classes at a discounted rate. The more employees visit ANYA, the more they save!

2. Plan a customized retreat at our studio.

Host a retreat at ANYA! Your choice of a combination between a class and either a workshop or lecture specialized for your employees!

3. Host an ANYA Method class designed for you.

ANYA will come to your office! Whether you prefer Strength Yoga, Pilates Mat or another form of movement meditation, our teachers are prepared to teach a class designed for you!

4. Host a lecture or workshop at your location.

Through a lecture or workshop, your employees can learn valuable, practical tips for improving their health and lifestyle choices. Topics can include, but are not limited to, Meditation, Nutrition for Productivity, Stress Management, and Maintaining Alignment at Work.

Benefits of ANYA Workplace Wellness Programs

ANYA Workplace Wellness programs offer excellent fitness options for your employees, and they benefit the company too! Healthy, happy and inspired employees equals a more productive and profitable business.

Our unique and integrative approach focuses on mindfulness training, breathing techniques and total body conditioning specifically designed for the workplace. In addition to our fitness meditation classes such as Yoga, Pilates and Aerial Yoga, we also have a nutritionist and health care professionals on staff to provide the best and most comprehensive wellness education resources for your business.

Contact Shannon Swift at to invite ANYA into your corporate wellness community.